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The Xenogears soundtrack on Another feature. Xenogears is a game which has one of the most wonderful soundtracks ever bestowed upon a game. The game itself is ranked as one of the best RPG's of all time. The sound and music in this game is a class apart, directly comparable to all the music in the Final Fanatsy(s) and sometimes winning over them. You should get as many tracks from this game as possible since this game is worth having and so is it's soundtrack. Also, don't forget to vote for us by clicking here. Thank you for supporting, the place where the games come home :). Download the soundtrack below:

[Note: Thanks go out to ShadowsBane (Zerox20) from for helping us with the soundtracks :)]

Disc 1

Name Size:
01 Light From the Netherworlds 4534Kb
02 Stars of Tears 2754Kb
03 Bonds of Sea and Fire 2927Kb
04 My Village is Number One 3781Kb
05 The Valley where Wind is Born 2372Kb
06 Faraway Promise 1737Kb
07 Steel Giant 2311Kb
08 Forest of the Black Moon 3677Kb
09 Shattering the Dream Egg 2846Kb
10 Back to Sleep 149Kb
11 Daijiru, City of Burning Sands 3231Kb
12 Emotions 2938Kb
13 Graaf, Emperor of Darkness 3587Kb
14 Fuse 2381Kb
15 Leftovers of the dreams of the Strong 4835Kb
16 The treasure which cannot be stolen 3217Kb
17 Ave, the ancient dance 1717Kb
18 Invasion 2997Kb
19 Stage of Death 2477Kb
20 In a Dark Sleep 352Kb
21 Singing of the Gentle Wind 3892Kb
22 The Wounded shall advance into the Light 1834Kb
23 Lost...Broken Shards 1553Kb
24 Tamusu, the man of the Sea 3590Kb
25 The Blue Traveler 2987Kb

Disc 2

Xenogears CREID - Yasunori Mitsuda & Millennial Fair

Name Size:
01 Melkaba 10412Kb
02 Two Wings 4170Kb
03 Balto 7849Kb
04 Creid 6584Kb
05 Dajil 5904Kb
06 Stairs Of Light 5255Kb
07 June Mermaid 5805Kb
08 Spring Lullaby 7709Kb
09 Lahan 6382Kb
10 Mebius 9008Kb

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