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Welcome to Emuparadise's exclusive Tekken 3 soundtrack special. You won't find this soundtrack anywhere else on the internet for the simple reason that it was never released in the CD-AUDIO format and we only acquired it since one of our smart visitors managed to rip it off the game's CD and decided to contribute to our great site! All Tekken fans, enjoy the soundtrack and don't forget to vote for =).

Bitrate: 128Kbps

Name: Size:
Track1.mp3 3468Kb
Track2.mp3 3401Kb
Track3.mp3 3387Kb
Track4.mp3 3359Kb
Track5.mp3 3320Kb
Track6.mp3 3293Kb
Track7.mp3 3288Kb
Track8.mp3 3281Kb
Track9.mp3 3177Kb
Track10.mp3 3114Kb
Track11.mp3 2876Kb
Track12.mp3 2808Kb
Track13.mp3 2803Kb
Track14.mp3 2794Kb
Track15.mp3 1228Kb
Track16.mp3 2769Kb
Track17.mp3 2727Kb
Track18.mp3 2703Kb
Track19.mp3 2589Kb
Track20.mp3 2468Kb
Track21.mp3 2316Kb
Track22.mp3 2311Kb
Track23.mp3 2168Kb
Track24.mp3 1993Kb
Track25.mp3 1981Kb
Track26.mp3 1946Kb
Track27.mp3 1934Kb
Track28.mp3 1913Kb
Track29.mp3 1871Kb
Track30.mp3 1841Kb
Track31.mp3 1833Kb
Track32.mp3 1790Kb
Track33.mp3 1713Kb
Track34.mp3 1586Kb
Track35.mp3 1443Kb
Track36.mp3 1196Kb
Track37.mp3 1080Kb
Track38.mp3 1017Kb
Track39.mp3 959Kb
Track40.mp3 945Kb
Track41.mp3 937Kb
Track42.mp3 818Kb
Track43.mp3 317Kb
Track44.mp3 60Kb
Track45.mp3 55Kb
Track46.mp3 24Kb
Track47.mp3 20Kb
Track48.mp3 2416Kb
Track49.mp3 1531Kb

If you have any name suggestions for each of the tracks listed, please let us know at MasJ. Also, please vote for Emuparadise if you download the soundtrack.

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