Final Fantasy Origins Soundtrack
An Exclusive

Final Fantasy Origins is a classic game with Great Music! Now you have the chance to download all the songs and listen to them. This has been uploaded for Emuparadise Guests/Members to enjoy so please, Do enjoy the soundtrack and don't forget to vote for so that we can bring you more of the best in Gaming Music!



Disc 1:

Name: Size:
01 Opening Movie.mp3 1692Kb
02 Opening Movie + SE.mp3 5322Kb
03 Opening Demo.mp3 3746Kb
04 The Prelude.mp3 2706Kb
05 Opening Theme.mp3 7024Kb
06 Cornelia Castle.mp3 2722Kb
07 Main Theme.mp3 3121Kb
08 Chaos' Temple.mp3 1458Kb
09 Matoya's Cave.mp3 2533Kb
10 Town.mp3 1452Kb
11 Shop.mp3 1862Kb
12 Ship.mp3 2121Kb
13 Underwater Temple.mp3 1731Kb
14 Dungeon.mp3 3045Kb
15 Menu Screen.mp3 3940Kb
16 Airship.mp3 2329Kb
17 Gurgu Volcano.mp3 1896Kb
18 Floating Castle.mp3 1116Kb
19 Battle Scene.mp3 3301Kb
20 Victory.mp3 3058Kb
21 Dead Music.mp3 853Kb
22 Save Music.mp3 2389Kb
23 Church.mp3 2964Kb
24 Ruined Castle.mp3 315Kb
25 Lute.mp3 3028Kb
26 Bridge Building.mp3 2026Kb
27 Deep Place.mp3 2953Kb
28 Fanfare.mp3 699Kb
29 Crystal Revival.mp3 4310Kb
30 Getting an Important Item.mp3 3517Kb
31 Inn.mp3 3714Kb
32 Inside a Boss Battle.mp3 2710Kb
33 Boss Battle A.mp3 3468Kb
34 Boss Battle B.mp3 1474Kb
35 Last Battle.mp3 2297Kb
36 Ending Theme.mp3 3446Kb

Disc 2:

Name: Size:
01 Opening Movie.mp3 3892Kb
02 Opening Movie + SE.mp3 3224Kb
03 Opening Theme.mp3 2411Kb
04 The Prelude.mp3 3109Kb
05 Battle Scene 1.mp3 2826Kb
06 Revivification.mp3 2108Kb
07 Reunion.mp3 3112Kb
08 Rebel Army Theme.mp3 3414Kb
09 Town.mp3 1437Kb
10 Main Theme.mp3 993Kb
11 Castle Pandemonium.mp3 2900Kb
12 Imperial Army Theme.mp3 3290Kb
13 Chocobo Theme.mp3 2974Kb
14 Magician's Tower.mp3 456Kb
15 Run!.mp3 3129Kb
16 Ancient Castle.mp3 2531Kb
17 Dungeon.mp3 1939Kb
18 Revived Emperor.mp3 2117Kb
19 Victory.mp3 2291Kb
20 Waltz.mp3 3501Kb
21 Temptation of the Princess.mp3 2304Kb
22 Dead Music.mp3 5181Kb
23 Fanfare.mp3 1574Kb
24 Added Companion.mp3 347Kb
25 Inn.mp3 4394Kb
26 Battle Scene A.mp3 3146Kb
27 Battle Scene B.mp3 6205Kb
28 Battle Scene 2.mp3 1535Kb
29 Finale.mp3 2331Kb


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