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Game NameSystem
Aventura Original, La (S)C64 Tapes
Aztec Challenge (E)C64 Tapes
B-Raid! (E)C64 Tapes
BC Bill (E)C64 Tapes
BC II - Grog's Revenge (E)C64 Tapes
BC's Quest for Tires (E)C64 Tapes
BMX Freestyle (E)C64 Tapes
BMX Kidz (E)C64 Tapes
BMX Ninja (E)C64 Tapes
BMX Racers (E) (Burner)C64 Tapes
BMX Racers (E) (Visiload)C64 Tapes
BMX Simulator (E)C64 Tapes
BMX Simulator 2 (E)C64 Tapes
BMX Trials (E)C64 Tapes
Back to Reality (E)C64 Tapes
Back to the Future (E) (Electric Dreams)C64 Tapes
Back to the Future (E) (MCM)C64 Tapes
Back to the Future II (E)C64 Tapes
Back to the Future Part III (E)C64 Tapes
Bad Cat (E)C64 Tapes
Badlands (E)C64 Tapes
Ball-Blasta (E)C64 Tapes
Ballblazer (E)C64 Tapes
Ballistix (E)C64 Tapes
Bandana City (E)C64 Tapes
Bangkok Knights (E)C64 Tapes
Barbarian (E) (Ocean)C64 Tapes
Barbarian (E) (Palace)C64 Tapes
Barbarian (E) (Psygnosis)C64 Tapes
Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (E)C64 Tapes
Basketmaster (E)C64 Tapes
Batalyx (E)C64 Tapes
Bath Time (E)C64 Tapes
Batman - The Caped Crusader (E) (Bleepload)C64 Tapes
Batman - The Caped Crusader (E) (Freeload)C64 Tapes
Batman - The Movie (E)C64 Tapes
Battle Field (E)C64 Tapes
Battle Stations (E)C64 Tapes
Battle Valley (E)C64 Tapes
Battleships (E)C64 Tapes
Batty (E)C64 Tapes
Bazooka Bill (E)C64 Tapes
Beach Buggy Simulator (E)C64 Tapes
Beach Volleyball (E)C64 Tapes
Beach-Head (E)C64 Tapes
Beach-Head II (E)C64 Tapes
BeachHeadaltC64 Tapes
Beamrider (E) (Activision)C64 Tapes
Beamrider (E) (Firebird)C64 Tapes
Beat It! - Jammin' II (E)C64 Tapes
Bedlam (E)C64 Tapes
Beverly Hills Cop (E)C64 Tapes
Beyond the Ice Palace (E)C64 Tapes
Biff (E)C64 Tapes
Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man (E)C64 Tapes
Big Trouble in Little China (E)C64 Tapes
Bigfoot (E)C64 Tapes
Biggles (E)C64 Tapes
Bignose's USA Adventure (E)C64 Tapes
Bigtop Barney (E)C64 Tapes
Bionic Commando (E)C64 Tapes
Bionic Ninja (E)C64 Tapes
Bitmania (E)C64 Tapes
Black Hawk (E)C64 Tapes
Black Lamp (E)C64 Tapes
Black Magic (E)C64 Tapes
Black Tiger (E)C64 Tapes
Blagger (E)C64 Tapes
Blagger Goes To Hollywood (E)C64 Tapes
Blasteroids (E)C64 Tapes
Blazing Thunder (E)C64 Tapes
Blinky's Scary School (E)C64 Tapes
Blood Money (E)C64 Tapes
Bloodwych (E)C64 Tapes
Blue Baron (E)C64 Tapes
Blue Max (E)C64 Tapes
Blue Max 2001 (E)C64 Tapes
Blue Moon (E)C64 Tapes
Bobby Bearing (E)C64 Tapes
Bod Squad (E)C64 Tapes
Bomb Fusion (E)C64 Tapes
Bombjack (E)C64 Tapes
Bombjack II (E)C64 Tapes
Bombo (E)C64 Tapes
Bombuzal (E)C64 Tapes
Bonanza Bros (E)C64 Tapes
BoneCruncher (E)C64 Tapes
Bonka (E)C64 Tapes
Bonzo (E)C64 Tapes
Booty (E)C64 Tapes
Bosconian 87 (E)C64 Tapes
Boulder Dash (E)C64 Tapes
Bounces (E)C64 Tapes
Bouncing Heads (E)C64 Tapes
Bounty Bob Strikes Back (E)C64 Tapes
Bozos Night Out (E)C64 Tapes
Brainstorm (E)C64 Tapes
BraveStarr (E)C64 Tapes
Break Dance (E)C64 Tapes
Break Fever (E)C64 Tapes
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