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Game NameSystem
3D Tanks (19xx)(-)Archimedes
Agressor (1992)(Atomic Software)Archimedes
Air Supremecy (19xx)(Superior Software - Acornsoft)Archimedes
Alerion (1994)(Archimedes World)Archimedes
Alien Invasion (1994)(Archimedes World)Archimedes
Alien Invasion (1994)(Archimedes World)[a]Archimedes
Aliped (1990)(Felix Andrew)Archimedes
All In Boxing (1994)(Arc World)Archimedes
Amoria (19xx)(-)Archimedes
Apocalypse (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 1 of 2)Archimedes
Apocalypse (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 1 of 2)[a]Archimedes
Apocalypse (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 2 of 2)Archimedes
Apocalypse (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 2 of 2)[a]Archimedes
ArcOmnibus v1.03 (19xx)(Beebug)Archimedes
ArcOmnibus v1.03 (19xx)(Beebug)[a]Archimedes
Archimedes Elite (1991)(Hybrid Technology)Archimedes
Archimedes Moria (19xx)(-)Archimedes
Arcomini (1990)(Fairbrother)[b]Archimedes
Asylum (19xx)(Digital Psychosis)(Disk 1 of 2)Archimedes
Asylum (19xx)(Digital Psychosis)(Disk 2 of 2)Archimedes
Blitz (1991)(Arxe Systems)Archimedes
Blowpipe (19xx)(Eclipse)(Disk 1 of 2)Archimedes
Blowpipe (19xx)(Eclipse)(Disk 2 of 2)Archimedes
Bloxed (1995)(Steven Singer)[h]Archimedes
Bobbie Blockhead Vs The Dark Planet (19xx)(Atomic Software)Archimedes
Break 147 (1991)(Fourth Dimension)Archimedes
Bubble Fair (1991)(Eterna)Archimedes
Bug Hunter 2 v3.22 (1990)(Minerva)[h]Archimedes
Bug Hunter And Moon Dash (1990)(Minerva)[h]Archimedes
Cannon Fodder (1993)(Gamemodes)(Disk 1 of 3)Archimedes
Cannon Fodder (1993)(Gamemodes)(Disk 2 of 3)Archimedes
Cannon Fodder (1993)(Gamemodes)(Disk 3 of 3)Archimedes
Castle Black Heart (1991)(James Watson)Archimedes
Cataclysm (1991)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 1 of 2)Archimedes
Cataclysm (1991)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 2 of 2)Archimedes
Cheats 1 (19xx)(-)Archimedes
Chess 3D (19xx)(Micropower)Archimedes
Chess 3D v1.33 (19xx)(Micropower)Archimedes
Chocks Away (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 1 of 3)Archimedes
Chocks Away (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 1 of 3)[a]Archimedes
Chocks Away (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 2 of 3)(Maps Disk)Archimedes
Chocks Away (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 2 of 3)(Maps Disk)[a]Archimedes
Chocks Away (1990)(Fourth Dimension)(Disk 3 of 3)(Mission Addon)Archimedes
Chuck Rock (1991)(Krisalis)(Disk 1 of 2)Archimedes
Chuck Rock (1991)(Krisalis)(Disk 2 of 2)Archimedes
Coconizer v1.3 (1990)(Playfield)Archimedes
Colour Umoria v5.4.0 (1992)(Edouard Poor)Archimedes
Conqueror (19xx)(-)Archimedes
Conqueror (19xx)(-)[a]Archimedes
Corewars (19xx)(-)Archimedes
Corruption (19xx)(-)[b]Archimedes
Creepie Crawlie 1 & 2 (19xx)(Mark Johnson)Archimedes
Crystal Maze, The (demo) (19xx)(Sherston)[b]Archimedes
DesktopHacker v1.01 (1994)(DoggySoft)Archimedes
DinoSaw PD (19xx)(Tom Cooper)Archimedes
E-Type (1989)(4th Dimension)(Disk 1 of 2)Archimedes
E-Type (1989)(4th Dimension)(Disk 2 of 2)Archimedes
EGO - Repton 4 (1992)(Superior Software)Archimedes
Elite (1991)(Hybrid Technology)Archimedes
Enigma (1993)(Archimedes World)Archimedes
Enigma (1993)(Archimedes World)[a2]Archimedes
Enigma (1993)(Archimedes World)[a]Archimedes
Fervour (19xx)(-)[b]Archimedes
Fireball II (1990)(Cambridge International)Archimedes
Fireball II Extra (1990)(Cambridge International)Archimedes
Flashback v1.0 (demo) (1992)(Delphine)Archimedes
Fruitz (19xx)(Digital Fantasy)Archimedes
Gorm v1.40 (1994)(Archimedes World)Archimedes
Guile (19xx)(Dream Software)Archimedes
Gyrinus II - Son of Gyrinus (19xx)(Tom Cooper)(Disk 1 of 2)Archimedes
Gyrinus II - Son of Gyrinus (19xx)(Tom Cooper)(Disk 2 of 2)Archimedes
Hacker v3.05, The (1993)(DoggySoft)Archimedes
Hacker v3.05, The (1993)(Doggysoft)[a2]Archimedes
Hacker v3.05, The (1993)(Doggysoft)[a]Archimedes
Hamsters v1.10 (demo) (1994)(GamesWare)Archimedes
Hero Quest (1991)(Krisalis)[h][multi]Archimedes
Impression Jr (19xx)(Computer Concepts)Archimedes
Interdictor 2 (1989)(Microsupplies)Archimedes
Iron Lord (1990)(Ubi Soft)Archimedes
Iron Lord (1990)(Ubi Soft)[a]Archimedes
Ixion (1992)(Software 42)(Disk 1 of 2)Archimedes
Ixion (1992)(Software 42)(Disk 2 of 2)Archimedes
James Pond (1990)(Krisalis)Archimedes
James Pond (1990)(Krisalis)[a]Archimedes
Jet Fighter (1988)(MB Dixon)Archimedes
Leeds Utd - Champions! (19xx)(Cds)Archimedes
Lemmings (1991)(Krisalis)Archimedes
Lemmings (1991)(Krisalis)[a]Archimedes
Mad Professor Mariarti (1990)(Krisalis)Archimedes
Mad Professor Mariarti (1990)(Krisalis)[a2]Archimedes
Mad Professor Mariarti (1990)(Krisalis)[a]Archimedes
MadDash 2 (2001)(Ian Hampton)Archimedes
Manchester United Europe (1991)(Krisalis)Archimedes
Master Break (19xx)(Superior)Archimedes
MicroPower Chess (19xx)(MicroPower)Archimedes
Mig 29 Fulcrum (1991)(Domark - Krisalis)Archimedes
Moon Quake (1992)(Paul Taylor)[h]Archimedes
Mr. Doo (1994)(Archimedes World)Archimedes
Mr. Doo (1994)(Archimedes World)[a]Archimedes
Nebulus (1992)(Krisalis)Archimedes
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