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Retro Game of the Day Archive - September 2019

01st Sep 2019

Generation of Chaos (Europe)


Mercular says:
Battles for world domination have been dragging on for generations. Now Allen of Zodia rises to end all wars and bring peace to the world. After the opening story, the player uses the strategy mode to build and strengthen the kingdom. In the beginning, the kingdom is small and weak. However, as you progress ...

User Rating: 4.15/5.00

02nd Sep 2019

Gran Turismo (USA)


retroluv says:
Without doubt, this game was the first great car racing game to hit the shelves for the PS 1. And in my opinion set the benchmark for racing games from then on. Awesome then and still a great game today!

User Rating: 4.59/5.00

03rd Sep 2019

Mr. Gimmick (Europe)

Nintendo Entertainment System ROM

UnholySanctuary says:
Mr. Gimmick was a game only released in Japan and Europe and arguably the best platformer the 8-bit console era had to offer. It pushed the limits of the NES/Famicom's hardware to deliver stunning graphics, an intricate soundtrack, and even a physics engine. The story involves a girl who receives a ...

User Rating: 4.68/5.00

04th Sep 2019

ActRaiser (Japan)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

nexus89123 says:
This is an action/simulation Japanese RPG that revolves around the main character labeled the Master/god trying to rid the land of the evil Tanzra and his lieutenants. It's been several hundred years since the Master battled the evil Tanzra and his lieutenants, making this game more than likely the second ...

User Rating: 4.67/5.00

05th Sep 2019

Breath of Fire II - Shimei no Ko (Japan)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

nexus89123 says:
Breath of Fire 2 is a traditional JRPG made for Japan and North America and is part of the Breath of Fire series. This version is intended for Japan. You take on the role of Ryu Bateson which is a member of a draconic tribe that can transform into a dragon like form. The game is viewed from a top down ...

User Rating: 4.68/5.00

06th Sep 2019

Wolfenstein 3D (E)(wC)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

szunyzoli99 says:
The GBA version of 'the grandfather of all FPS games' AKA. Wolfenstein 3D. The graphics are not too impressive, and the controls aren't that good either, but it's still pretty good for a GBA port.

User Rating: 4.47/5.00

07th Sep 2019

Need for Speed Most Wanted (U)(Rising Sun)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

szunyzoli99 says:
A bad port with bad graphics, and decent controls. The gameplay is repetative, and the game itself is really short. The music and sounds are not too bad. Overall, it's not worth your time.

User Rating: 3.96/5.00

08th Sep 2019

Altered Beast - Guardian of the Realms (U)(Venom)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

2BKurupt says:
Altered Beast- Guardian of the Realms.. Imagine the Original for the Sega Master System/Genesis or even the Famicon Release of Altered Beast, but with better graphics, warmer colors and a lot more stages and transformations. Just like in the original, you are resurrected by the God Zeus to stop Arcanon. ...

User Rating: 3.69/5.00

09th Sep 2019

Power Rangers - Time Force (G)(Cezar)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

DeriLoko2 says:
Power Rangers - Time Force (G)(Cezar) is a game that is based on the television show of the same name. You play as the Power Rangers in order to stop the villains as you travel through time.

User Rating: 4.37/5.00

10th Sep 2019

Arc the Lad - Twilight of the Spirits (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

Mangybeard says:
While this is not the first game in the series, it's accessible enough for anyone that wants to play it. Anything you need to know is explained. On this world, there are two societies. One is humanity. The other is the savage, magical Deimos. In a surprising turn of events, you play as two different ...

User Rating: 4.7/5.00

11th Sep 2019

Megaman X (1995)(Capcom)

Abandonware Game

szunyzoli99 says:
The DOS port of the original Megaman X.

User Rating: 4.56/5.00

12th Sep 2019

Game Genie (USA) (Unl)

Nintendo Entertainment System ROM

SanicStudios says:
The Game Genie was a device created by Codemasters that attached to the bottom of NES games. The device would bring users to a screen before starting the game which allowed them to input codes that would modify the game by starting them at different levels, giving them powerups or just completely changing ...

User Rating: 4.31/5.00

13th Sep 2019

The King of Fighters 2002 (Bootleg)

Neo Geo ROM

Red Angel1 says:
King of Fighters 2002 arrived and with major changes the gameplay has also changed. The system of teams of four characters who were in the last three versions of KOF have been removed completely. In their place are three teams from the old school and the advanced system of The King of Fighters 97 and ...

User Rating: 4.3/5.00

14th Sep 2019

Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

  On Volcano Island, a couple of crabs, led by the Wise Crab, are enacting a ritual to send 9 heroes there to save their island. But the Mawgu, an evil being, brings the ritual to a halt, scattering the heroes. Danny Phantom and SpongeBob SquarePants fall from the sky and end ...

User Rating: 4.43/5.00

15th Sep 2019

Balloon Fight (Japan)

Nintendo Entertainment System ROM

VenomRush1997 says:
Balloon Fight is an action game where you use two balloons to knock goblins out of the air by stomping on their balloons.

User Rating: 4.69/5.00

16th Sep 2019

Dissidia 012 - Duodecim Final Fantasy (Europe)


FlashFlare says:
Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy is a 3D arena fighter similar to games like Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi. Players attack with the circle button to build up Bravery points that strengthens the damage of their Bravery attacks performed with the square button. Players can also interact with the environment ...

User Rating: 4.42/5.00

17th Sep 2019

Gun (Europe, Australia) (En,Fr,Es,It)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

MrRobodyNobot says:
Gun is one of the best Rootin' Tootin' Shooting game for the PS2. The game provides the best rendition of the 1800s America where cowboy and Indians are all there is. The great Gunplay is one of the best features of the game. And its recommend to every "Western Spaghetti" Lover.

User Rating: 4.25/5.00

18th Sep 2019

Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck (USA) (En,Fr,Es)

Nintendo 64 ROM

neomoonsevin2017 says:
Also known as Looney Tunes - Duck Dodgers.

User Rating: 4.32/5.00

19th Sep 2019

Fatal Fury (USA)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

HeFromParadise says:
Can you take Terry, Andy or Joe on a trip to face the powerful fighters around Southtown? In this first installment of the Fatal Fury Series, you will take the main characters to battle against the Boss of Southtown, Geese Howard, and his henchmen Billy Kane. I won't spoil it, but I'm sure you'll be ...

User Rating: 4.17/5.00

20th Sep 2019

Pikachuu Genki de Chuu (Japan)

Nintendo 64 ROM

neomoonsevin2017 says:
Also known as Hey You, Pikachu!

User Rating: 3.66/5.00

21st Sep 2019

Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure [U]

Sony Playstation ISO

ignissacer29 says:
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure follows the story of Cornet as she travels the land to rescue her Prince Ferdinando from the clutches of the evil Marjoly. This is a kind of feel good JRPG with a refreshing story. Dialogues are sang instead of voice overs ala musical and it's not your typical serious, ...

User Rating: 4.64/5.00

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