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Retro Game of the Day Archive - June 2024

01st Jun 2024

RPG Maker [U]

Sony Playstation ISO

ceedofevil says:
Released September 19th, 2000 by Agetec/Kussou Kugaku. RPG Maker is as the title suggests, you make a role playing game. It can get pretty complicated if you have no idea on what to do, but if you love being creative or a budding video game designer this is for you.

User Rating: 3.55/5.00

02nd Jun 2024

Karnaaj Rally (U)(DCS)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Cezz624 says:
This game is much more horrrible than what I thought it would be. The graphics are pretty good, but the rest is horrible. Thr racing physics are bad, the controls are clunky and the single player mode is awful. Just, just, don't play this game.

User Rating: 5/5.00

03rd Jun 2024

Growl (USA)

Sega Genesis - Sega Megadrive ROM

rjbetty says:
I remember this game in the early 90's was on one of the 2 arcades available in the shop next to my house when I was little. I NEVER could remember what it was called or how to find it, but this is one of the games I always SO badly wanted to play, as I never saw the ending. I think this is an absolutely ...

User Rating: 4.65/5.00

04th Jun 2024

Virtual Fishing (Japan)

Nintendo Virtual Boy ROM

Realistic but boring says:
The game is a bit confusing and there isn't enough fish to catch for the game to feel very rewarding. A good simulation of actual fishing I suppose but fails to be exciting at all. I suggest real fishing in real life at a pond full of fish. That way, you would feel the real life reward of actually catching ...

User Rating: 3/5.00

05th Jun 2024

Shadow Squadron (32X)

Sega 32X ROM

Jordan101 says:
Shadow Squadran (also known by it's screen name "Stellar Assault) is a space fps (shoot'em up kill'em) fps. Each level you are given a different mission for example "Eliminate the tragets" and you go into hyperspace. shoot down the enemy's with your preffered button scheme and hold the fire button for ...

User Rating: 4.8/5.00

06th Jun 2024

Cybermorph (World) (Rev 1)

Atari Jaguar ROM

Iamerror says:
A subpar Starfox ripoff. The graphics look like a bad snes game and for some reason the game has an annoying floating head that harasses you. Go play Starfox instead of this piece of crap.

User Rating: 4.25/5.00

07th Jun 2024

Ariel the Little Mermaid (USA, Europe)

Sega Game Gear ROM

James says:
Disney's Ariel: The Little Mermaid is an Action game, developed by Blue Sky Software and published by Sega, which was released in 1992.

User Rating: 4.76/5.00

08th Jun 2024

Worms (1995)(Team 17)(Rev1)

Abandonware Game

  Worms is an artillery strategy video game developed by Team17 and released in 1995. It is the first game in the Worms Series of video games and was initially only available for the Amiga. Later it was ported to other platforms. Worms is a turn-based game ...

User Rating: 4.4/5.00

09th Jun 2024

Stack-Up (World)

Nintendo Entertainment System ROM

DeriLoko2 says:
Stack-Up(also known as Robot Block) is a video game released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES for short), designed for use with R.O.B.(abbreviation: Robotic Operating Buddy). Stack-Up is one of two games in Nintendo's Robot Series, the other being Gyromite(also known as Robot Gyro). ...

User Rating: 5/5.00

10th Jun 2024

Brujula Dorada, La (Spain)


Players assume the role of a young girl named Lyra as she travels through the frozen wastes of the North in an attempt to rescue a friend kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as The Gobblers. Travelling with her are an armored polar bear and her pet demon Pantalaimon (Pan). Together, they ...

User Rating: 4.18/5.00

11th Jun 2024

Punch-Out!! (Italian bootleg)

M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ROM

DeriLoko2 says:
Punch-Out!! is a series of boxing video games created by Nintendo's general manager Genyo Takeda, and his partner Makoto Wada. It started in the arcades simply as Punch-Out!!, which was followed by a sequel Super Punch-Out!!. It has since spanned home consoles, including the NES Punch-Out!! / Mike Tyson's ...

User Rating: 5/5.00

12th Jun 2024

Vs. Excitebike (set EB4-4 A)

M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ROM

DeriLoko2 says:
Vs. Excitebike (Japan) (excitebkj) is a racing arcade game that was developed by Nintendo. It all starts with you (the red and white racer) competing to be in 1st place. All you have to do is to race through courses to be the top of the other racers.

User Rating: 4.44/5.00

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