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Retro Game of the Day Archive - January 2018

01st Jan 2018

Monster Rancher Advance 2 (U)(Venom)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Sabathia says:
Monster Rancher Advanced 2 is the second game in the GBA version of the series and the superior of the two. You take control of a new trainer and with the help of your assistant raise monsters of all kind of varieties. In the game you get your monsters by entering random letters and symbols that ...

User Rating: 4.42/5.00

02nd Jan 2018

Conflict - Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

its a four man special forces team fighting soldiers and terrorists in the middle east. each man has a special skill and can be controlled seperatley. you get to play all four men, give them individual orders that they carry out and switch between them as you play. pick up weapons and destroy things ...

User Rating: 4.37/5.00

03rd Jan 2018

Diablo [U]

Sony Playstation ISO

jdt19832010 says:
Diablo is a hack and slash RPG for the PSX(and other platforms). The Diablo series was the ruler of isometric hack and slash for many years and is revered by many gamers. This is the one that started it all! You choose your character and go smash the hordes of hell! Diablo's strengths include fun randomly ...

User Rating: 4.61/5.00

04th Jan 2018

Circus Charlie (Japan)

Nintendo Entertainment System ROM

SpiralPegasus says:
Circus Charlie is a game developed by none other than Konami. It is a port of an arcade game and is every bit as good as the original. It's cute and really fun - it's one of these early eighties colorful kid games. It features six different platforming/action-based courses you must help Charlie the ...

User Rating: 4.24/5.00

05th Jan 2018

Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

Louis says:
The fighting style of this game is similar to Tekken and Mortal Kombat. This fighting game is about Zatch Bell, an anime where certain people obtain Mamodo's (little kid/alien things with crazy super powers). To unleash their power, you have to read spells from a book that is linked to their soul. At ...

User Rating: 4.32/5.00

06th Jan 2018

Shining Force Neo (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

Sabathia says:
Shining Force Neo is a fast pace action RPG that allows you to recruit around 14 characters, besides Max the main. The game revolves around Max's struggles and as usual, his fight to save the world ultimately. The storyline is decent, but the true selling point for SF:Neo is the combat system, which ...

User Rating: 4.61/5.00

07th Jan 2018

Dragon Ball Z - La Legende Saien (France)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

rick54 says:
This is really a good game for those who want to learn about SNES game and it is really fun since it contain many dragon ball z character with which you can fight and enjoy in your spare time.

User Rating: 4.68/5.00

08th Jan 2018

Rampage 2 - Universal Tour [U]

Sony Playstation ISO

Rampage 2 - Universal Tour is a Sidescroll platfrom game that puts you in the role of monsters that have invaded several cities in the world and outside it, climbing buildings, destroying them and installing the chaos in the cities

User Rating: 4.66/5.00

09th Jan 2018

Dragon Quest VI - Maboroshi no Daichi (Japan)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

ossankarateka says:
This game is a Japanese RPG made in 1995. This is the 3rd of story TENKU.

User Rating: 4.6/5.00

10th Jan 2018

Sonic Battle (E)(Independent)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Sterling_EX says:
An awesome arena-brawler featuring all-time favourite Sonic characters, a fresh storyline and a bevy of play modes all presented in true 32-bit glory!

User Rating: 4.78/5.00

11th Jan 2018

Astro Boy - Omega Factor (U)(Venom)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Sterling_EX says:
Astro Boy - Omega Factor showcases brilliant,flashy graphics and solid gameplay mechanics. Plow through minions of all sizes and strengths and take on huge screen-filling bosses in this non-stop action-platformer.

User Rating: 4.67/5.00

12th Jan 2018

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (USA)

Sega Dreamcast ISO

Demeiz says:
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX started life on the PlayStation. Using a modified version of the engine that brought Thrasher: Skate and Destroy to life, Mirra was a decent, albeit easy, and somewhat dull PlayStation game. For better or worse, the Dreamcast version keeps all the same options, gameplay mechanics, ...

User Rating: 3.65/5.00

13th Jan 2018

Advance Guardian Heroes (U)(Venom)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Bhushan says:
Same as Gardians Heroes movie. Good story-line. Full of action & magic. story of Hero of Sword.

User Rating: 4.66/5.00

14th Jan 2018

Zoids Battle Legends

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

Joshuaowl says:
Zoids Battle Legends is a game that fans of the zoids series would enjoy. This game is a part of the Zoids saga set and although the story has nothing to do with the show, the gameplay makes up for it.

User Rating: 4.43/5.00

15th Jan 2018


Nintendo Gamecube ISO

Burnout is a racing game with a twist. Players race against computer players over three laps, trying to take first place. The game has you trying to avoid cars as you race, as hitting cars will usually total your car which dramatically slows you down as you need to watch the crash scene. The game is ...

User Rating: 4.5/5.00

16th Jan 2018

Army Men - Operation Green (U)(Menace)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Bhushan says:
Roleplay of an army men. Full of action and adventure.

User Rating: 4.6/5.00

17th Jan 2018

Ace Combat 2 [U]

Sony Playstation ISO

TankCatapult says:
What is there to say about Ace Combat 2? Released in 1997 for the Sony Playstation, Ace Combat 2 built upon its predecessor by having more missions, more planes and, most of all, aces. Though it hasn't aged well (considering it is 20 years old), for a PS1 game it's certainly above average, and what little ...

User Rating: 4.69/5.00

18th Jan 2018

Tales of Phantasia (U)(Independent)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

Mangybeard says:
Here, we have the game that kicked off the "Tales" series, and a strong start it is! There's a bit of a learning curve, but the combat is admittedly pretty fun. There are several skills you can learn and use, some of which can be leveled up through use. You get a party of unique characters, each with ...

User Rating: 4.4/5.00

19th Jan 2018

Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins (USA)


Vinceshere says:
Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins is a Ghosts 'n Goblins sequel (originally released for SNES). This is the first game in the series to use 3D graphics, but the gameplay keeps the original essence.

User Rating: 4.62/5.00

20th Jan 2018

Simpsons, The - Bart's Nightmare (USA, Europe)

Sega Genesis - Sega Megadrive ROM

cpsMCMXCI says:
Oh, no! Bart fell asleep and his homework blew out of the window! Help him find each page within his epic nightmare by completing several outrageous and silly puzzles involving many familiar characters from Matt Groening's world of Springfield so he can get an A+ on his assignment and make Marge and ...

User Rating: 4.24/5.00

21st Jan 2018

Armorines - Project S.W.A.R.M. (USA)

Nintendo 64 ROM

NinjaPooff says:
Fight your way through loads of alien monsters! Utilize your weapons and skills to save earth from doom! Choose to play as Tony Lewis or Myra Lane, who each start with their own respective weapons. Tony's weapon is slower, but stronger. Myra's is a faster shooting but weaker machine gun type of weapon. ...

User Rating: 4.31/5.00

22nd Jan 2018

Dragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu e... (Japan) [En by DaMarsMan v1.0] (~Dragon Quest III - Into the Legend)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) ROM

GatoBoo says:
Dragon Quest III it's a game full of excitement and fun with many hours of playing, with many levels that can take some hours of play. GET READY TO START AN ADVENTURE :D

User Rating: 4.51/5.00

23rd Jan 2018

The King of Fighters '95 (Set 1)

Neo Geo ROM

Red Angel1 says:
The King Of Fighters 95 is the sequel of the series "King of Fighters" which takes place a year after the end of the first tournament. Once again, fighters from around the world receive a mysterious invitation to a wrestling tournament team.

User Rating: 4.03/5.00

24th Jan 2018

One Piece Dragon Dream (J)(Caravan)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

deadcake969 says:
One Piece Dragon Dream Is a Beat Em Up Style Japanese Game (No English)

User Rating: 4.23/5.00

25th Jan 2018

The King of Fighters 2001 (Set 1)

Neo Geo ROM

Red Angel1 says:

User Rating: 4.16/5.00

26th Jan 2018

Bubsy 3D (USA)


atoxique says:
In Bubsy 3D, you play as Bubsy, a one-liner spouting, flat-faced, super adorable anthropomorphic cat. Pros - innovative gameplay, excellent controls, next-gen password save system, excellent graphics and textures. Cons - not enough one-liners. I rate this game 9.9/10, almost the best game in the ...

User Rating: 3.63/5.00

27th Jan 2018

The King of Fighters 2002 Plus (Bootleg Set 2)

Neo Geo ROM

Red Angel1 says:
King of Fighters 2002 arrived and with major changes. The system of teams of four characters who were in the last three versions of KOF have been removed completely. In their place are three teams from the old school and the advanced system of The King of Fighters 97 and The King of Fighters 98.

User Rating: 4.46/5.00

28th Jan 2018

Classic NES - Castlevania (U)(BatMan)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance ROM

James says:
Take a stroll down memory lane with the classic side-scrolling game Castlevania. The game, which is part of the Classic NES Series on the Game Boy Advance, sets you off on a mission to undo the curse of the evil Count. Before you challenge the Count, you must first battle his army of ghosts, mummies, ...

User Rating: 4.77/5.00

29th Jan 2018

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 (Europe)


Angeal says:
Yu-Gi-Oh! return to PSP in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2, now with new and great content like the possibility of competing in a duel of 2 against 2, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 contains some 2,500 different playing cards that can be seen, for the first time on PSP. The story mode of the game stays true to the ...

User Rating: 4.32/5.00

30th Jan 2018

S.L.A.I. - Steel Lancer Arena International (USA)

Sony Playstation 2 ISO

NimbusLaw says:
The game's main storyline takes place in 2071, in a future where the sport of "Rumbling" has taken precedence. Players called "Wire-heads" compete by piloting SVs, a variation of the mech, in specially built arenas in seven real world cities such as New York City, Tokyo, and London. Each city has ...

User Rating: 4.65/5.00

31st Jan 2018

Lego StarWars II The Original Trilogy

Nintendo Gamecube ISO

Vgame says:
Lego Star Wars II the original trilogy; even more fun than the first Lego Star Wars game, bringing back all the characters from the first and adding quite a few new characters. This game has so many fun quirks I'd have to write an essay to go over them all. When I say brings them back from the first, ...

User Rating: 4.19/5.00

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