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17th Birthday Competition Highlights and Winners
Posted by MasJ @ Wed, 05 Apr 2017 | Message Boards

I'll start by saying that this competition was SO MUCH FUN! The lists that you all came up with blew us all away. It's delightful to know that our users are so talented and creative. Also it's very reassuring to know that you have great taste in games (phew!). Thank you for all your wonderful entries.

For this competition, entrants had to make game lists with our new lists feature. It's a way to organize and share your knowledge of video games in creative ways. And boy did we receive some incredible entries!

So without further ado, the winners are:
1. Nintendo Switch - chaosmazer for English Friendly Super Famicom games
2. Two years of EP Premium - Tenpouin for Lesser Known PS1 Games Worth Playing
3. Six months of EP Premium - xtremetoxicguy for 100 Retro Games That You Should Absolutely Play

There were so many great entries so here are some honourable mentions for you to enjoy as well:
- Castlevania: From Belmont to Vampires
- Great games that turn 17 years old in 2017
- Non mainstream horror games
- Top 20 RPGs of the 16-bit Era
- My Best 8-bit Platformers
- Nostalgia Inducing Games
- Top 40 SNES RPGs
- Best Games Based on Movies
- Point and Click Adventures
- Weird and Wonderful FMV Games

Those are just some of the great entries that we received. For more awesome game lists, check out our Video Game Lists section!


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