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Introducing EP Happy Hours!
Posted by MasJ @ Mon, 16 Sep 2013 | Message Boards

Over the past few weeks I've been adding additional bandwidth capacity, new servers, etc. to deal with our heavy server loads on weekends. What happened as a result however is that our servers are underutilized on weekdays.

So, to encourage more weekday users, just like your favorite bar on the corner, we're introducing EP Happy Hours! How does it work ? Well, when our bandwidth usage is below a certain threshold we will automatically let all free users download 2 games at a time! That's double of what you can do right now!

Just look out for this message on the download pages:

When you see the above message, it's HAPPY HOURS and you can download 2 files simultaneously! As always, if you want to get even more files at once, (4 download slots!) sign up for EP Premium at just $2/month!

Please note that the happy hour download limits apply only over HTTP connections. You are however free to use any download manager or multiplex your connection for better download speeds!


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