Warzone Welcome to Warzone, a smooth scrolling, all action arcade type game that uses the full color graphic capabilities of your machine to the fullest. The downward scrolling takes your tank through many different cities and landscapes. How far can you progress through without being blown apart? Will you be able to reach your final objective? To survive for long you will need nerves of steel and have all your wits about you. Best wishes and good luck from The Paradox Software Team. Program and Music - Janko Mrsic-Flogel Graphic Design and Arrangement - Mungo Amyatt SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS To run the program you will need one AMIGA machine with disk drive and one joystick and color monitor. The joystick should be in the joystick port (No. 2). The disk is autobootable. To load the game insert the master disk in drive 1 and reset the machine. This game is midi-compatible. For super sound just connect a midi-compatible synthesizer to the midi-out port of the computer. BRIEFING INSTRUCTIONS The year is 2090. The world has just been devastated by a nuclear holocaust. Mankind is piecing together what is left of civilization, but already a power-crazed Warmonger is trying to start it all over again... Your mission is to search, find, and destroy this person, then deactivate the bomb he is assembling. On your mission you will be attacked by his henchmen - he has destruction and death on his side, you have the good of all mankind on yours. The people of earth are with you... fail and ... who knows? CONTROLS Joystick up - Accelerate forward Joystick left - Go left. Joystick right - Go right. Joystick down - Stop Hold joystick down and left - Go exactly left. Firebutton - Shoots the energy bomb in the direction of movement. Space-bar - Deactivates Beta-Flux Bomb. FEATURES Scrolling landscape - Keeps on going. Do not stop for long - you must keep on moving if you are to succeed in time. Enemies - They are out to get you, one way or another. Fuel pumps - Pick these up to maintain a good fuel level. Beta-Flux bomb - Destroys all enemies and deactivates their missiles. Progressive difficulty- Well, it certainly won't get any easier. High score table - Enter letter using the fire button, move the cursor using the joystick control. ============================================================================ DOCS PROVIDED BY -+*+-THE SOUTHERN STAR-+*+- for M.A.A.D. ============================================================================