R A M B O I I I Game Play Instructions Page 1 DISK LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Amiga 500/2000 users Turn on the computer. When the Workbench symbol appears, insert the game disk into the internal drive with the label facing up. The game will load automatically. Amiga 1000 users Turn on the computer. Insert your Kickstart disk. When the Workbench symbol appears, insert the game diskette into the internal drive with the label facing up. The game will load automatically. CONTROLS This game uses a joystick for Missions 1 and 2 and a mouse for Mission 3. Joystick (Missions 1 & 2) * IMPORTANT * Plug the joystick into Port 2 before starting the game. During game play: Move the joystick up / down / left / right to move Rambo. Press the Fire button to use the secret weapon. TO USE THE INVENTORY SYSTEM (MISSIONS 1 & 2): Press the SPACEBAR to bring up the INVENTORY SCREEN. Move the gunsight with the joystick to select an inventory item. Press the Fire button to activate the item. The game screen will reappear. Rambo's active weapon is shown in the first window below the game screen. Rambo's active item is shown in the second window below the game screen. Page 2 Mouse (Mission 3 only) During game play: Move the gunsight in a circular motion with the mouse. Press either mouse button to fire the tank gun. Holding the mouse button down allows for continuous gunfire. *************************************************** Press F1 to start the game. The Following Keys are Active During Game Play: Press F8 to turn the music on/off. Press F9 to pause the game. Press F9 again to resume play. Press F10 during play to re-start the game at mission one. HOW TO PLAY The enemy is holding Colonel Trautman in a heavily guarded fort, somewhere in the desolate plains of Afghanistan. An agonizing end is imminent! Half a world away, the spy masters play their only card and dispatch the one man who can defy the odds and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The enemy's worst nightmare is about to come true. RAMBO III consists of three missions: The Fortress Rambo breaks into the fort where Colonel Trautman is being held prisoner. Stealth is important; the enemy is everywhere. Search the fort, find the Colonel, and release him. You'll find various items along the way to add to your inventory and accomplish your objective. The Vehicle Compound The only escape route from the fort is through the enemy's vehicle compound. Neutralize this facility by priming bombs in strategic locations around the compound. The guards are under orders to shoot first and ask questions later! Get to a waiting helicopter and leave the area before the fort becomes tomorrow's headline! Page 3 Run for the Border Hijack a sophisticated enemy battle tank in a desperate run for the border with Colonel Trautman. You open up the throttle with the gun barrel blazing. An entire army stands between you and freedom! STATUS AND SCORING Mission 1 and Mission 2 The bottom panel displays the type of weapon and item Rambo is currently using. Rambo's energy level and current score are displayed on the right side of the screen. Mission 3 Distance to the border is displayed on the left side of the screen. Remaining battle tank strength (shown in blue) is displayed in the top left corner of the cockpit. Remaining strength to the enemy's helicopter gunship (shown in red) is located at the top right corner of the cockpit. The gun barrel temperature gauge is located above the viewing window. Continue Option You can continue the current game if you lose all your energy and die. When requested, press Y to continue; press N to end the game. High Score Screen Enter your name in the RAMBO III "Hall of Fame" by using the keyboard. Press ENTER when you are finished. Page 4 HINTS AND TIPS o Pause the game to study a tricky situation. o Batteries are needed for some items to work. o Rubber gloves make you immune to electric shocks. o Use medical kits carefully. o An overheated tank can seize up and not fire. "WHO ARE YOU?" "I'M YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!" "PARANOIMIA '89"