MANHUNTER'S FIELD GUIDE (Planet Earth Edition) by The Order of the ORB ALLIANCE August 27, 2004 6am. I am a Manhunter. It's been two long, tedious years since the invasion. They came suddenly, like a thief in the night... it was all over by dawn's first light. I have no idea how the rest of the world is doing... outside communication has been suffocated. All of us are required to wear the designated uniform, brown robes, and we must keep our faces hidden as much as possible. Above all else, we are not allowed to speak to each other. To do so would mean certain death. Most have given up, for fear of the aliens with their powerful technology and deadly robots. 5:45pm. New York has been devastated. The invasion has taken its toll on the city, damaging many structures. Living conditions have steadily eroded. Vandalism has skyrocketed, and there is no longer any maintenance of the city or its streets. Most business have shut down; only a handful of small shops remain. The larger buildings in town have been boarded up or taken over by the Orbs. There are restrictions to traveling through the city, and most humans are not allowed out of their confined designated areas. August 28, 2004 5:15pm. The Orbs have been working furiously since their arrival. It is like they are on a special mission of some sort. I have noticed significant changes in the atmosphere since their arrival. Strange, rotting odors permeate the air and an increasingly red tint has overtaken the skyline. The behavior of fellow humans has grown increasingly peculiar. It's all a mystery to me. August 30, 2004 8:30am. There are fewer people on the streets. All of my friends have disappeared, vanished into thin air. I have looked for them where I could... I mean, it's not like they had anywhere to go. 11:15pm. There are rumors floating on the street of a secret society. Humans who have banded together to drive the Orbs from New York. I have heard they thrive underground, where the tracking disks cannot read their signal. The tracking disks were surgically implanted in the backs of our necks. It is now common knowledge that the Orbs have trouble with these disks. Apparently the disks can only transmit the location but not the identity of the user as expected. Thus, the need for Manhunters. August 31,2004 10:31pm. A select number of humans were chosen by the Orbs to become Manhunters. I have no idea how the selection was made or how I was chosen. Tomorrow is my first day on the job... and I have no clue as to my destiny. All they have told me is to read the "Manhunter's Field Guide" which they say will answer all of my questions... MAN HUNTER New York This is an Edward Teach fast doc file. Presented as a service to the non-paying public. Please distribute this file in any manner. CONGRATULATIONS on being selected for the esteemed position of Manhunter. This guide will introduce you to all of the information you will find necessary to become an effective, loyal follower of the Orb Alliance. Manhunter is the highest position a human can hold under the Alliance, so be grateful. Each day, you will be given an assignment by your sector's supervising Orb. The assignments will involve tracking down humans who, in some way, have wronged the Alliance. You will be given a 24 hour period to discover and report the human's identity so that he can be corrected. You have been issued one Manhunter Assignment Device (MAD). MAD is your link to the Alliance computer. With MAD, you can access the tracking records associated with your current assignment as well as the Human Database Service. As Manhunter, you are allowed to travel to locations pertinent to your current assignment. DO NOT STRAY OR LOITER. Always conduct yourself in a manner suitable to your position. Treat your fellow earthlings with the indifference they deserve. by The Order of the ORB ALLIANCE MANHUNTER ASSIGNMENT DEVICE (MAD) MAD is a small, portable apparatus linked by radio transmission to the Alliance computer. Mad has two functions: Info and Tracker INFO: This function provides access to limited information on all humans currently residing in the Planet Earth city of New York. After pressing the INFO button, type in the full name of the human. The Human Database Service will then provide your MAD with information (Address, ID numbers, etc.) of the selected humans. After receiving information, you may select REPEAT to try another name or select EXIT to leave the program. If you accidently type in the wrong name, you can try again or type BYE to leave the program. +-------------+ +------------------+ | | | Name: Joe Blow | | (picture of | | Address: Unknown | | MAD) | | Age: 27 | | | | Job: Janitor | | | | ID: NCC-1701 | +-------------+ +------------------+ MAD INFO NOTE: The Orb Alliance has authorized Manhunters to visit any address furnished by the info system. As a Manhunter, you are required to record all pertinent data that you discover during your investigations. Luckily, info provides a means to enter this data through its Autoscan feature. Whenever important information is picked up by a Manhunter (important documents, notes, etc.), Autoscan examines the data and stores important information into memory for future access. To observe this data, select INFO from your MAD and type NOTES in place of name. TRACKER All human movement is recorded in the Human Tracking Records database of the Alliance computer. Due to the low priority placed on these records, tracking information on each human is only available from shortly before the time of the alleged criminal activity to a time period not extending beyond the end of that day. Due to unforseen difficulties with human tracking disks, the targeted human's identity is not recorded. Also, tracking of a target is cut off if the human should venture under earth soil. However, this practice is strictly forbidden and should not hamper your investigations. One function of MAD is to tap into the appropriate human tracking records for your current assignment. When MAD first accesses tracking records, it will determine and then "tag" the most appropriate human target and signal. A playback will then begin of that target's movements throughout the city. During playback, MAD will also display any other human targets that come in close contact with the tagged human target. You may +--------------------+ +-------------------+ | | | | | ( Picture of a | | ( Picture of a | | Maintenance | | Guard | | Robot | | Robot | | | | | +--------------------+ +-------------------+ tag any of these human subjects that you feel may be beneficial to your investigation. To tag a new target, simply place your marker over the desired subject and press Enter. The yellow rotating target should change to the subject you have chosen. You may replay tracking records as often as you find necessary. Manhunters are authorized by the Orb Alliance to visit any location that a tagged target visits. NOTE: Experienced Manhunters have found that the most efficient way to use the tracker is to watch it until it terminates transmission. Proceed to replay the transmission, closing MAD after the target leaves each location. Travel to the location shown and investigate. SIGNAL TRACKER This is a recently installed feature that allows the recording of various signals entering and leaving the Alliance central computer. +--------------------------------------+ | | | | | ( Picture of Signal Tracker ) | | | | | +--------------------------------------+ The Alliance central computer contains a Signal Analyzer which resides in its I/O buffer. Once playback begins, the Analyzer determines if a tagged signal contains restricted information. ANY TAGGED SIGNAL CONTAINING RESTRICTED MATERIAL MUST BE INVESTIGATED. However, since the analyzer is in an experimental stage, a certain amount of manual control is necessary. A signal must first be tagged by the Manhunter before it can be analyzed. To tag a signal, place the marker over the signal you wish to be tagged and press Enter. The signal will change color when it has been tagged. After a signal has been tagged, it is automatically fed into the Analyzer. If the analyzed signal contains restricted information, the signal can then be traced back to its source by your MAD tracking device. After the traced signal leads you to a suspect, you will follow normal Manhunter procedure to complete your investigation. MANHUNTER OVERVIEW A Sierra 3-D Animated Adventure Game, simply stated, is an interactive movie where you become the main character. In this game, the main character is a Manhunter, an agent of the future who spies on fellow humans for an alien empire. Each 3-D Animate Adventure Game has a main goal, and yours in Manhunter is to track down humans for the Orb Alliance, learn the whereabouts of the human underground, and ultimately discover the true purpose behind the alien invasion. You will need to move stealthfully and wisely, as time is quickly vanishing for America and its citizens. TIPS ON PLAYING MANHUNTER 1. HOW TO MOVE AROUND Basic instructions on how to interact with this game are included in this manual and the reference cards enclosed. For those who are not sure of what to do, there is a WALK THRU included at the end of this manual. 2. KEEP YOUR FACE COVERED AND YOUR LIPS TIGHT Due to the dangerous nature of this adventure game, you will want to save your game often. Follow the instructions on your Manhunter Quick Reference Card to SAVE GAME after you have made important progress in the game. SAVE GAME whenever you encounter a potentially dangerous situation. If you do encounter danger, or fail to complete all the required tasks to get past a given obstacle, you can follow the instructions on your reference card to RESTORE GAME to the place you were at when you last saved your game. Intelligent use of this function has spared many a Manhunter from having his position terminated permanently. Note: Manhunter: New York employs a convenient feature that automatically gives you a second chance after you have encountered the most grisly of situations (namely, a gruesome death!). This feature allows you to face the most unexpected of conclusions without requiring you to replay the entire game. 3. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN Look at and examine everything you can. Watch closely those around you. Pay close attention to detail. There are many clues, both visual and symbolic, which will help you succedd in your quest. 4. TEAM UP AGAINST THE ENEMY This orb-infested metropolis can be one mean place for a Manhunter to live. You may find it helpful to play Manhunter with a friend. Different humans come up with different ways to interpret clues, and besides, it makes life a lot more fun. 5. GOT YOUR BACK AGAINST THE WALL? If you have tried every trick of the trade and still can't get anywhere, don't panic. Even expert Manhunters have been known to get blown to shreds. It's just part of the job. For this reason, hint books are available for all of Sierra's 3-D Animated Adventure Games. You can order the hint book for this game by using the order form in the package. Hints can also be obtained by calling the Sierra Support Line at (209) 683-6858 (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST) or by having your computer call the Sierra Bulletin Board Service at (209) 683-4463. MANHUNTER WALK-THRU MANHUNTER IS A UNIQUE SIERRA 3-D ANIMATED ADVENTURE, USING AN OBJECT ORIENTED INTERFACE. THE FOLLOWING WALK-THRU IS PROVIDED TO FACILITATE YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND ENJOYMENT OF THIS NEW INTERFACE. THE CONTENTS OF THE WALK-THRU INCLUDES HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS THAT EXPERIENCED ADVENTURERS MAY NOT WISH TO SEE. CONTINUE READING ONLY IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY PLAYING MANHUNTER. The title screen opens by showing the invasion of New York City. Press ENTER or the SPACEBAR to bypass the title screen. Your adventure begins two years after the alien invasion. It is your first day on the job. You are rudely awakened by the sector's supervising Orb, who gives instructions for your first day's assignment. "Attention Manhunter! There was an explosion at Bellevue Hospital! Ivestigate." Press ENTER when you are ready to proceed. (Note: In most situations, the SPACEBAR will perform the same function as ENTER.) Your character gets out of bed and turns on the lights. He takes his Manhunter Assignment Device (MAD) and turns it on. The computer reads "ALERT". Press ENTER. The computer responds, "Tracker has locked on Target, Location: Bellevue Hospital." Press ENTER. The yellow target is the person you are currently tracking. Remember to always watch where the targets go and what they do. When the computer is finished tracking, you will receive a message. The computer reads, "Target signal lost. Tracking terminated." Press ENTER. Select TRACKER again. After the target leaves the hospital, you will zoom out to see the target as it travels on the city map. Press C to close the computer. You are now viewing the travel map. Locations you are authorized to investigate are indicated by a blinking square. Your current location is indicated by an X. The blue/red circle is your marker. Trace the path of you target to investigate the locations he has visited. To go to Bellevue Hospital, move the marker down until it hits the bottom of the screen. The screen will flip to reveal the next portion of the map. You will see Bellevue Hospital blinking. Position the marker over the hospital blinker. Press ENTER to travel there. Now you are standing in front of Bellevue Hospital. Move your marker around the screen to reveal various messages. Position the marker near the bottom of the right wall and it will change into an arrow. Press ENTER. You are now standing where the target bombed the wall of the hospital. Press ENTER to go inside. Positions the marker over the toe of the corpse and press ENTER. Take note of the victim's name (Reno Davis). You may press ENTER to back out of this view. Next, position the marker over the corpse's face and press ENTER. Watch this scene until the baby Orbs attack your face. Note: You can avoid death by pressing ENTER to back out of this view just before the Orbs eat your face. After you die a message will be displayed. Press ENTER to return to the game. You are now outside the hospital again. Press TAB key to display your inventory. Select MAD. Select INFO. Type: Reno Davis. Press ENTER. Select EXIT. Select TRACKER. You may watch the target at the hospital again or press S to skip ahead and watch your target's movements after departing the hospital. Watch the target travel through the city. The Tracker will zoom in to Trinity Church. After the target leaves the church, press C to close the computer. Press F3 to travel. Move the marker down to the location of Trinity Church. Press ENTER to travel to the church. Position the marker over the front door of the church. Press ENTER. Position the marker over the area where the target went (the candles on the left side of the room). The marker will change to the magnifying glass. Press ENTER. Position the marker over the matches and the marker changes into a hand. Press ENTER to take a match. The marker changes into a match. Position the marker over a candle wick. Press ENTER to light the candle. Note: Later in the game you will receive a clue on what you should do at this location. Select MAD from your inventory. You will reveive a message that the signal is too weak. Maybe you should go outside to use it. Press ENTER to continue. Press ENTER to back out of the scene. Press ENTER again to leave the church. Select MAD from inventory. Select TRACKER. Watch the church scene again or press S to skip. The tracker proceeds to a bar in North Brooklyn. Watch where the target goes once he has entered the bar. When the target leaves, press C to close the computer. Press F3 to travel. Find North Brooklyn and travel to the bar. Position the marker over the door and press ENTER. Position the marker over the video game at the left side of the room and press ENTER to play the game. You will be interrupted by an unfriendly group of bar patrons. Watch the scene until it is your turn to throw the knives at the bartender. The object is to land a knife between each of his fingers (four total) without missing. Press ENTER to throw a knife. Throw a knife outside the hand area. You will be thrown outside. Go back inside and position the marker over the knife table. Press ENTER. This time, throw a knife and hit a finger. After you die, press ENTER to try again. Aim carefully, and you will soon be successful. Afer winning the contest, watch carefully the signal that the bartender gives you. This will prove useful later. Now that you have proved your skills to the thugs, you will be able to play the video game undisturbed. Press ENTER to play the video game. Read the instructions. To move your character through the video game, use the arrow keys (left, right, up and down). Now you are on your own! Good luck on your adventure! P.S. Be sure to watch for clues as you play Manhunter. Many objects in the game have a symbolic significance, and may be useful for more than one purpose. Keep an eye out for strange or unusual things that may occur in the game.