DOCS FOR GAZZA II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LOADING COMMODORE AMIGA GAZZA 2 will run on any Amiga. Turn on your computer and insert your copy of the game disk at the Workbench prompt. (if you have an A 1000 you should insert Kickstart disk first.) After a few moments the loading sequence will appear. If you wish to continue with the game before the loading music has complated, press the space bar or fire button. To install the game on to hard disk. You can do this from Workbench by dragging the Gazza 2 and data icons from the disk onto your hard disk icon. The game may now be run by double-clicking on the GAZZA2 icon or by typing GAZZA2 from CLI. JOYSTICK CONTROLS Low Drive Low Drive | | Bend Left | Bend Right Drive Bend | Drive Bend \ | / Left \ | / Right \ | / \ | / Cross 90______\|/______Cross 90 Bend______\|/______Bend Left /|\ Right Left /|\ Right / | \ / | \ / | \ / | \ Chip & | Chip & Chip & | Chip & Bend Left | Bend Right Bend Left | Bend Right Chip Chip RUNNING PLAYER STATIONARY PLAYER FACING /\ FACING /\ || || SQUAD SELECTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The player must pick 10 squad members to form his starting line-up (the goalkeeper is selected automatically) and 4 for the subs bench. * Pick allocates player from chosen squad position (A to T) to highlighted team position. * Copy transfers player from adjacent squad position to highlighted team position. * Next moves to next team position. * drop removes currently highlighted player to squad. * Done fills any empty positions from the adjacent squad positions. If the adjacent position is vacant then the user must pick a player manually. ABBREVIATIONS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Player Classes (A)ttacker (M)idfield (D)efender (S)tamina (R)unning (K)icking * Attributes (P)assing (C)control ball (T)ackling MANAGEMENT DISPLAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pressing FIRE cycles betwwen management screens for the two teams plus a combined statistics screen. Payer information - In addition to the 6 attributes each player has a column for injury (I) and booking (B). I Column: H = hurt: minor stamina and running reductions. I = Injured: minor stamina and running reductions. B Column: W = Player Warned B = Player Booked NB: if a player is sent off then he will be absent from the list. Tactics/Subs Up/Down - moves the highlight bar. Left/Right - changes the tactics if selected. substitutions are made by highlighting the desired sub, moving the joystick left, then repositioning the highlight over the player to be replaced and moving the joystick right. Statistics screen Left/Right - moves the highlight. PLAYING GAZZA II GAZZA 2 is a largely icon-driven football simulation that allows up to 16 players to manage, coach and play for different teams in a European Super-league of 4 divisions. These icons are largely self-explainitory but a full description of each one is given below. The first icon menu that appears contains four icons: Load Saved Game, Add Manager, Play Game and Exit. If the strategy elements are not required then the player(s) can simply play a 1 or 2 player game of fast arcade-quality football by clicking on the Play Game icon. However, to fully appreciate the depth of the game, the player should attempt to manage and control his team as well. once the required number of managers has been entered using the Add Manager icon the main menu will appear. MAIN MENU ~~~~~~~~~ This contains 8 icons and leads off to a number of sub-menus used to control the variousfeatures in the game. * Manager - The manager's role is crucial if your team is to succeed. Whether you are buying and selling players or persuading the bank to lend you money, remember: results are everthing! * Scout - the scout gives you an eagle eye on other teams and players currently on the transfer market. * Coach - another vital component in your success. Not only can you train the players in basic strength and tactical power, but you can create tactics for specific situations. * Play Game - When you have finnished planning your strategy, get your joystick out and go for it! * Advance 1 Week - When all players have played their matches, move a step closer to the end of season. * Options - set up the match conditions the way you want them. * Disk - load and save your game position or your tactics set-up. * Exit - Restart game to reset players or play a simple match! TACTICS EDITOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When the coach decides to create new tactics a menu appears that allows him to define what each one of your team is doing at any given situation. In every ninth of the pitch and for every set-piece (attack and defence) you can define someone to take a position, mark a specific opposition player or follow the ball. This is possibly the most complicated and innovative features in GAZZA 2 and will provide hours of fascination as you strive for the perfect tactics. THE MATCH ~~~~~~~~~ This is where the pace really hots up as the supremely fast arcade section transports you into the stadium. The pitch is laid out from left to right and control is indicated by an arrow above the player. This player may kick or tackle depending on weather he is in possession of the ball. KICKING ~~~~~~~ The strength of a kick is determined by the power bar at the bottom of the screen. This increases as the joystick button is held down but wraps around to zero if held too long. The direction of the kick is determined by the joystick layouts given. TACKLING ~~~~~~~~ If your controlled player does not have the ball, then pressing the fire button will attempt a sliding tackle. BE CAREFUL, tackling someone without the ball is liable to get you into trouble! GOALKEEPERS ~~~~~~~~~~~ The goalie is automatically controlled by the computer! SPECIAL NOTES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * At half-time you change ends! * Press "S" during a match to make a substitution! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~