Emerald Mine Instructions For The Commodore Amiga LOADING Switch on your Amiga and insert the KICKSTART disk (Version V1.2) into the built-in disk drive (Amiga 1000 only). When the computer asks for the WORKBENCH V1.2 disk, insert the EMERALD MINE disk. The program will load and start automatically. IMPORTANT! Don't write protect the disk and leave the disk in the drive until you reset the computer! DESCRIPTION OF THE GAME It is the aim of the game to collect a specific number of diamonds and emeralds on a specific filed within a limited time. In principle you can master your task alone or in teamwork. Within the main menu, joystick UP/DOWN - BUTTON allows the following options: 1. SINGLE PLAYER/TEAMWORK - choice of number of players (SINGLE PLAYER = alone, TEAMWORK = two players). 2. NAME - choice of name. Choose either with joystick UP/DOWN one of the 10 available names or a new name, which you insert as follows: first select CHOOSE PLAYER; ENTER NEW PLAYER appears on the screen. Then you select one of the ten names (NOTICE! This player is automatically erased!) and answer the question ARE YOU SURE by pressing Y if you really want to erase this player. The name can now be entered via keyboard (correction by BACKSPACE). That new player, of course, receives handicap 0, i.e. he must start from the beginning. 3. HIGH SCORES - with joystick UP/DOWN you can see into the overall highscore list (30 spaces) of the present level. In this list the place, name, the remainder of time shown in seconds, and the score you reached can be seen in succession. In case you reached the highscore list, an arrow signifies the profit you made at that moment. 4. LEVEL - insertion of start level (0-80) by pressing joystick RIGHT/LEFT. You can choose only a start-level that does not exceed your handicap (see below). 5. START - beginning of the game (only possible when name is selected). SCORE - display of total scores achieved in all games. GAMES PLAYED - number of games which have been played until then by the player or team. GAMES WON - number of all games won until then. HANDICAP - display, showing which level you did not yet master. As a start level you can choose this number (or a smaller one). Should the handicap of a player increase i.e. if he succeeds the highest level allowed, the disk will automatically store it. You have to choose the option SAVE PLAYERS in the NAME menu before a reset if you want SCORE, GAMES PLAYED, and GAMES WON continuously correct. Before you enter your name you have to inform the computer about the number of players in the menu: single or teamwork. Next you choose your start level and then start the game. During the game several keys are given specific functions: F1 - view on player 1 F2 - view on player 2 (only in teamwork) F3 - view on middle between player 1 - 2 (only in teamwork) F6 - all sounds are on F7, F8, F9 - sounds are partially on F10 - sounds are off ESC - breaking off a game and return to main menu During the game you visualize a display border below. TIME displays the time left (in seconds); SCORE displays the actual score and EMERALDS the number of smaragds that are still to be collected. You can make scores in four different ways: 1. destroying opponent with a stone, 2. collecting things (smaragds, diamonds, dynamite or a key), 3. cracking a nut, and 4. achieving a bonus by having time left when reaching the exit. Apart from the usual joystick functions (walking, sand digging, pushing stones/bombs/nuts), you can plant dynamite. It is not easy to leave the affected dynamite area once you have put the dynamite down. Logically, you have to take up the dynamite steal something from it (for example diamonds or dynamite). The elements of the game are numerous; we will introduce them one by one: SAND (brown) - can only be walked on and removed by the player and the amoebe (see below). WALLS (grey) - 4 types of walls: 1. indestructible walls made of big, rectangular blocks, 2. normal walls made of round stones, which are destroyable, 3. unsteady walls that sometimes lose a stone from the top (look like walls No. 2, but have rounded edges above), and 4. invisible walls (naturally these are especially tricky). STONES (grey) - can destroy all four types of opponents; the destruction is rewarded with scores. SMARAGDS (green) - must be collected by the player in order to reach the exit. DIAMONDS (blue) - are worth three smaragds; they can be squashed by falling stones. BOMBS (red) - explode when hitting the ground or when hit by a falling stone. NUTS (brown) - can be cracked when throwing a stone on them, which induces them to release a smaragd. Superficially stones, smargds, diamonds, bombs and nuts display the same behavior. They fall, they can be pushed or taken up, roll away to the side when the underground is loose, and they kill a player when falling upon him. ROBOTS (green) - pursue the player, which is die to their intelligent steering, but can be deflected with the means of a turning-wheel. FLYER (grey) - always try to walk alongside the wall that is on their left. BUGS (blue) - also move along the wall, but on the right. Should they explode because of a stone, a mine or a bomb they change into 8 smaragds and 1 diamond. EATERS (orange) - eat a player's diamonds. Their attraction is their uncertain new existence once they have been struck by a stone. DRIFTING SAND (brown) - looks like normal sand. Stones slowly slip through the drifting sand or stick in it, if the further way is blocked. Disadvantageously, they are no longer visible. Contrary to the amoebe, the player cannot walk through the drifting sand. KEYS - are necessary to pass the doors they belong to. They possess the colors red, yellow, green and blue. Grey doors have the characteristic of leaving the player uncertain about the key he needs. If you play in teamwork, every player requires his own key! They can pass doors only when the field behind the door is unoccupied. DYNAMITE (red) - can be taken up by the player and put down at another place (see above). It serves the purpose of eliminating hindering walls or opponents and can push back the amoebe. AMOEBE (green) - spread themselves from a few starting fields; in time they close in player and opponent. Additionally, the amoebe is dangerous because of the drops falling off from her. There are some specific amoebes that do not spread. Flyer and bug explode when touching an amoebe. RATTLE (blue) - a wall, which can be activated only once by an object falling upon her. In that case it changes this object (stones into smaragds, smaragds into diamonds and diamonds into stones), if only for a short time. To make this happen, the room under the rattle has to be unoccupied. TURNING WHEEL (orange) - is activated when getting into contact with a player. In consequence, robots are attracted by the wheel and not by the player any longer. Although this means has only a short effect it can be activated several times. POT OF ACID (green/orange) - everything falling into this pot will be devoured, amoebes as well as stones, opponents or one's own figure. EXIT (blue) - the exit door flashes as soon as the player has collected enough smaragds to leave the level. If you play in teamwork, each player has to use a different exit. With the joystick BUTTON you can return to the main menu to start another level. 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