\ /\ __)\ _____________/ \__________________ / \ /\ \_______/ / _______________ \/ /____/ \__ __ // / _/ __________ \ \ \\ /)// / _/ \/ \ / _/ \| \ |/ \ \ \/ /// / _/ / \ \ \ / _/ _/\ _/ _/ / _/__/ / _// \ // \\___)\ ____/ __________/\_______// _/ \__________/\/\ \\ \ \___ ____________________________________________________ / \/ [Seven M] )/ DENNIS THE MENACE DOCUMENTATION / HERE COMES TROUBLE =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Meet Dennis Mitchell. He's 5 years old, blonde, cute as a button and trouble spelled with a capital 'T'! His Mom and Dad are away on Business and Dennis is staying with their next door neighbours, the eternally patient Mrs. Wilson and her hus- band, the grouchy Mr. Wilson. During his stay, Mr. Wilson is planning to exhibit his prize night flowering orchid to the local garden club at a Dinner at his house. This plant will bloom once only,during the full moon and then wither and die, and as such is Mr.Wilson's pride and joy. Unfortunately, as is to be expected with Dennis around things do not go as planned. Dennis has disgraced himself once the night, and has duly been sent to bed. While out half-pint hero is upstairs feeling sorry for him- self, Mr. Wilson and his guest sit with baited breath, awaiting the blooming of the famous orchid. But while everyone is otherwise occupied, the Wilson household has another even more unwelcome visitor, in the shape of the villainous drifter, Switchblade Sam, a petty crook and house breaker. Sam, thinking the coast is clear,is busy in the study making off with Mr. Wilson valuable coin collection. Dennis, being the curious child that he is, hears the noise made by Sam's intrusion, and makes his way downstairs. Too late to actually see the crook, he finds the safe wide open and the coin collection gone. With all good intention at heart, Dennis rushes out into the garden and shouts the terrible news to Mr. Wilson. Doing this causes every- one to turn to face Dennis - just as the fabulous plant opens. Mr. Wilson is furious! His life's work is gone. His heart is broken and his temper rising. He takes his anger out on Dennis leaving the small boy alone and confused.He was only trying to help, and now his world is shattered. Dennis always seen Mr. Wilson as his best friend in the whole world and now he doesn't want to know him. What can he do ? Who can he turn to ? Dennis resolves to run away and never bother anyone again. His Mom and Dad can always have another kid who won't be a menace, and Mr. Wilson obviously never wants to see him again. But just as he is stealing off into the night, he overhears Mrs.Wil- son tell her husband that she has heard that Dennis's two friends Joey and Margaret are missing. Dennis knows that whoever stole Mr. Wilson coin collection has taken his friends ? He revolves to rescue them and retieve the stolen goods. That way, in years to come, if people ever think of Dennis, the small boy who ran away, at least they can say that he did at least one good thing in his life, and maybe he wasn't all bad. Now Dennis must set off on his greatest adventure ever... LOADING =-=-=-= Insert disk 1 into drive A and turn on the computer.The program will then load automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions for load- ing subsquent disks. GETTING STARTED =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= On title screen press FIRE to begin the game or push joystick DOWN to move the marker to OPTIONS then press FIRE to go to the options screen. the available option are as follows : LEVEL : Easy and hard. EASY : Dennis can take more hits before his courag runs out and he loses a life. HARD : is not as generous with Dennis's courage. REST : You can set the number of 'lives' that Dennis will have at the start of the game from 1 to 9. AUTORUN: If set to ON Dennis will run rather than walk when left or right is pressed. If OFF controls are as normal. SOUND : Toggles between Music and Sound effects. Select EXIT to take you back to the title screen where you can start the game. CONTROLS =-=-=-=- The game is controlled by joystick only as follows: UP Jump/Climb rope DOWN Duck/Enter door LEFT Walk left/Run left RIGHT Walk Right/Run right FIRE Fire current weapon SPACE BAR Change Weapon (Once Dennis has collected more than one). HOW TO PLAY =-=-=-=-=-= LEVEL 1 : MR. WILSON'S HOUSE =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dennis must find his way out of Mr. Wilson's house. But first he has to collect his pea-shooter and sligshot. They are lying somewhere about the house along with coins dropped by inept Sam. Smaller coin are less valuable, but the larger coin are necessary in order to ad- vance to the next level. On each level there are four large coins spread about, and one final coin (This is surrunded by smaller spin- ning coins and must be collected last). Dennis must search the entire house, including the attic. There is a rope lader leading to the attic but elsewhere there is a switch that needs to be activated before Dennis can reach the ladder. While doing all this, Dennis must avoid being seen by Mr. Wilson who is walking aroung the house,unable to sleep due to the traumaticday. If he spots Dennis he will give chase and upon catching him, will send him to bed and Dennis must start all over again ! LEVEL 2 : THE PARK =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dennis must find all five of the large coins whilst avoiding all ob- stacles in his path. Here Dennis will find his dog, Ruff, waiting to pull him among on his little red cart. Dennis must reach the end of these sections avoiding all obstacles and using the cart to reach platforms that are otherwise too high for him to jump to. BETTY SUE DUBROVSKI: In the playground, Dennis discovers Betty Sue Dubrovski. She's the kind of child every parent tells their kids to stay away from, and for good reason. She's big, ugly and mean. She is out late up to no good. Dennis must avoid her as she swings back and forth on the swing whilst shooting at her with one of the weapons in his arsenal. She will swing up into the trees causing acorns to fall to Dennis. Also there are mice running which Dennis must avoid whilst battling his female foe. LEVEL 3 : THE BOILERS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Follow the trails of coins Dennis finds himself in the Boiler Works. He must find all the large coins to advance to the next level. THE GYM: While taking a shortcut through the school gym Dennis discovers Coach Beeferman doing some late night exercices. He is determined to catch Dennis and will throw medecine balls at him while bouncing about the gym,and roll baseballs at him across the gym floor. Dennis must use his weapons to try and stun the Coach long enough to make him escape. LEVEL 4 : THE SEWERS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dennis's trail has led him down into the sewers beneath the streets. Again Dennis must find all the large coins to progress. THE FISH! At the end of the sewers Dennis finds his exit barred by a large and dangerous fish. Using the rotating platforms Dennis must leap about to avoid contact with his aquatic adversary whilst constantly firing at it. Once stunned, the fish will disappear and the way will be clear for him to advance onto the final leg of his journey. LEVEL 5 : THE WOODS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Dennis has almost reached his goal and must collect the coins until he reaches the edge of the wood where his greatest challenge awaits. SWITHBLADE SAM: Sam has Joey and Margaret tied to a tree as hostages while he waits to jump the next train out of town with his ill-gotten gains. Upon seeing Dennis, Sam will throw a constant barrage of apples in his direction. Dennis must avoid all contact with these and with Sam, Whilst shooting at this dastardly villain until Sam finally slumps into submission. Defeat Sam and Dennis will have completed his epic adventure. NOTE : All end of level guardians have a blue energy meter which is displayed at the top of the screen. Dennis has also a red en- ergy meter displayed opposite the enemy meter. PICK-UPS =-=-=-=- throughtout the game Dennis may pick up severals items which will be helpful to him: EXTRA LIVES : These are obtained by collecting the 1-UP icons found around the levels. WEAPONS =-=-=-= WATER PISTOL : Dennis has this at the start of the game. It can stun some baddies within the game - but not all of them. SLINGSHOT : This can be found at start of Mr. Wilson's house and is an excellent short range weapon. It is extremely useful for hitting targets below Dennis's current position. PEASHOOTER : This is also hidden in Mr.Wilson's house and no small boy would be complete without one. It has a longer range than the slingshot as it fires in a straight line. STATUS AND SCORING =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The following are displayed at the top of the screen: Score, Lives, Time, Current weapon, Dennis's courage, Number of large coins col- lected and Number of small coins collected. SCORING =-=-=-= Points are awarded as follows: Removing baddies 250 points Big coin collected 5000 points Small coin collected 500 points Level complete 10000 points HINTS AND TIPS =-=-=-=-=-=-=- Study the movement of your opppenents and avoid them accordingly Haste can be costly ! If Dennis makes contact with your opponent, use his momentary invul- nerability (when he flashes) to gain ground or to reach a safer position. Different oppponents are vulnerable to different weapons,whilst some are invulnerable to all attack. Be careful ! Watch out for switches that operate rope ladders. DENNIS is copyright by Ocean Software Limited.