Barbarian II Instructions Prologue: At the finale of Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior, the barbarian defeated the warriors of Drax and thus freed Princess Mariana from his evil spell. Drax fled to the dungeons beneath his black castle, vowing to wreak disaster on the Jewelled Kingdom. It is decided that there is only one way to stop Drax. the Barbarian and Mariana - herself an accomplished swordswoman - are the only two warriors skilled enough to survive the perilous journey to Drax's lair. They must stop him before it is too late. Barbarian II - The Dungeon of Drax Choice of Character You may choose to play either the barbarian or Princess Mariana. At the beginning of the game the two characters will appear. Choose your warrior by moving the joystick left or right and pressing fire. Levels You must fight your way through three levels - the Wastelands, the Caverns, and the Dungeons - before arriving at the fourth level, the Inner Sanctum of Drax. These sections must be played in the correct order. Each of the first three levels is a maze consisting of approximately 28 screens. As you view each screen it is possible to walk left, right, or into doors or caves at the back of the screen. The direction you are walking, as viewed on a map, is continually changing and therefore a compass (in which the sword always points north) has been provided at the bottom of the screen. When you reach the exit to the next level the Level Display will pulse as a warning. It is not advisable to leave a level without first collecting all available magical objects (see below). Monsters On each of the first three levels you must fight six different types of monster, some of which can be killed with one well-placed blow. They are: The Wastelands - Saurian beasts, Neanderthal men, Apes, Mutant Chickens, Stabbers, Floaters. The Caverns - Carnivores, Orc Guards, Crabs, Slithering Things, Cave Trolls, Stingers. The Dungeons - Pit Things, Dungeon Masters, Giant Grubs, Gobblers, Eyes, Orclets. If you survive to the Sanctum of Drax you must face the Living Idol, A great Demon, and finally, the dreaded Drax! Magical Objects In each of the first three levels there are two magical objects that you will need to collect in order to survive throughout the quest. The axe increases your strength. The globe guards against death from Drax's magic. The potion increases your resistance. The key opens portcullis doors. The shield guards against death from the Demon's fire. The Jewel disables the Living Idol when the idol is reached. Energy and Lives Your energy is displayed as a bar at the top right of the screen. When it runs out you lose a life. You start the game with five lives. More lives can be gained throughout the game by collecting any skulls you may find. These contain the life-force of warriors who have preceded you. When you lose all your lives you restart the current level. The energy of the current monster you are fighting is displayed as a bar at the top left of the screen. When it runs out the monster is destroyed. Scoring The more difficult fighting moves will score highly and do more damage. Joystick Moves These are your joystick moves when you are facing right (reverse these when facing left). Without button pressed: up=run, left=walk backwards, right=walk forwards, lower left/right=through a door, down=turn around With button pressed: up=overhead chop or running jump when preceded by run, left=flying neck chop, right=kick, down=low chop To jump across holes or pits you will need to make a running jump. If you do not jump far enough you will find yourself teetering on the far edge of the hole. By swiftly waggling the joystick left and right you may save yourself.