Rambo III CHEAT MODE: Typing 'RENEGADE' on the high score table will give the ability to skip to the appropriate level by pressing keys [1], [2] or [3]. GENERAL HINTS: (1) When inside the 2nd building, wear your IR goggles. (2) Don't walk in front of soldiers, since it will trigger an alarm and about 8 soldiers will jump you! (3) If you enter a dark room, use the glow tube. (4) Never use a gun without a silencer. (5) Turn off the electric door with switch located several rooms away. (6) The mine detector won't work without the generator. (7) The IR goggles won't work without a battery. (8) Watch out for ir beams, since they also trigger alarms. Here's a list of items you can find: ARROWS, SILENCER, FIRST AID KIT, IR GOGGLES, GLOW TUBE, BATTERY, KEY, MINE, DETECTOR (IN 2 PIECES), PISTOL, AMMO, and RUBBER GLOVES.