MANHUNTER: NEW YORK Part 1 INTRODUCTION This game is a mixed format type of game. By this, I mean it has portions that are arcade sequences, mapping (not too much of this), puzzle solving, and normal graphic adventure sequences. Movement (except during the arcade sequences) is by use of a joystick, mouse, or the arrow keys to move a pointer to show either the correct direction, or a location to which you can move. For the exact methods of moving, check the card that comes with the game for computer-specific directions. Also on that card, you can find instructions on how the pointer will function to indicate movement direction (as an arrow icon), a request to pick up an object (hand icon), or a request for a closer look at an object (magnifying glass icon). During the arcade sequences, you use the arrow keys (as instructed by the screen) to perform movement actions (more on this when we get to these sequences). For some portions, I will give only tips on what to do (as in Central Park, and escaping from the Hospital); with others, I will give more complete directions. This is not only to leave some things for you to discover, but also because of the difficulty in describing the exact movements needed. Since the ideal function of a walkthru is to lead the reader through the game without false sidetrips, dead ends, and deaths, many of the game's sequences that appear in these situations will be bypassed. To give you a look at some of these sequences, I will, at times, instruct you to do a SAVE, and to deliberately perform an incorrect action. After this, the walkthru will instruct you to either restart from the SAVE, or to simply perform the correct action (in the cases where the game invokes the "OOPS" feature). These sections can be ignored, if you wish, with no harm, since their only purpose in this walkthru is to show you what you are missing by NOT making errors. This game differs from the normal procedure because whenever you make a fatal error, you will be presented with a picture of the Programmers, who will offer you a helpful hint, and return you to the point just before you made the error (the equivalent of your having saved just before the error, and doing a restart from the error). At other points (during arcade sequences), I have suggested that you save before and after each milestone (so you can restart from that point if you miss a move, such as in the Coney Island sequence). GAME PLOT Earth has been invaded by an Alien Race called the Orbs. It is now two years later, and you have been selected to work for them as a "Manhunter." Your job is to investigate crimes, and to find those who committed them. There have been some odd changes going on since the invasion. The air is becoming hard to breath and is turning color; people are disappearing; and everyone has had a device implanted to make tracking their movements possible. Manhunter, you're being paged.... MANHUNTER: NEW YORK Part 2 DAY 1: HOSPITAL, CHURCH, BAR, PROSPECT PARK, SEWERS, CONEY ISLAND You have just completed your training, and it is your first day on the job. Welcome to being a Manhunter. The game will begin with an automatic sequence where you will be briefed on your mission of the day by an Orb (this procedure and sequence will be repeated each day with a different mission). Someone has attacked Bellevue Hospital and exploded a bomb there. The game will release control to you when it is time for you to look at your MAD (which is a portable device like a laptop computer that acts as a terminal to the Orbs' master computer). You will be using it first in its tracker mode. You will see the person being tracked who exploded the bomb. You will see his (her?) movements (for a while) before and after the attack. After entering the Hospital (and moving around), the trace will go to Trinity Church (you will get a close-up of the movements inside), a bar in Flatbush, and Prospect Park. At Prospect Park the trace will disappear with a comment that the signal was lost. Any time you want, you can use your MAD to replay the trace report for the current assignment. Okay, now, let's start. First stop: Bellevue Hospital. Switch to travel mode and select the Hospital (it will be near the lower right of your home on the next screen, and will be indicated by a blinking marker; you will be told what it is when your pointer is over it). Point to the right side of the screen and move in that direction. You will see the side of the Hospital (with a gaping hole). Point at the hole, and you can see in the room. Point at the room to enter. That robot looks like it's guarding the door (we'll take care of it later). For now, though, let's look at the body on the table. Move your pointer to the tag on the body's toe, and get a closer view. The tag reads "Reno Davis." To see the "OOPS" feature, point at the body, and go to the close up. Let the sequence play to its end, when you get eaten/killed. The three robed figures who now show up are (as noted before) the authors, and whenever they appear, they'll give you a hint or advice because you blew it (by making a fatal error); they'll restart you from before you made the error. When they restart you, just go back to the outside again. Call up your MAD and enter "Reno Davis" to get his record. Interesting! Not only was he a fellow Manhunter, but the record claims he was transferred to Chicago. Let's follow the tracer to its next stop: Trinity Church (if you want to check on movements, just rerun the tracer on the MAD). Point at the maker on your map, and go there. Point at the Church to enter. Go to where your suspect did (the candle stand on the left), and get a close-up. If you move the pointer around, you will find that you can get a match, light it, and light the candles. Remember this for later. This is the first of many times when you will discover that an action is required, but you do not know yet what the exact procedure is. In these cases, the procedure is to just remember that you have an unsolved problem, and wait until you get more data to aid in solving it. Go to the Flatbush Bar and play the Video Game (or try to). You will find that you have been challenged to a game of knife toss. Toss the knife between the bartender's fingers; missing, or even worse, hitting a finger is a no-no -- especially hitting the finger). After each success, SAVE since blowing a throw will require a restart of the sequence. Restart from the SAVE as required. After you have made all four throws, you will be rewarded by the bartender's doing something that looks like shrugging his right shoulder three times. Remember this: It will come in handy later. Now go back to the Video Game. If you check the map that is enclosed with the game, you will see an ad for this Video Game with a diagram. If you look, you will see that you can thread the maze by going from lower right to upper left (and passing over three markers). In the real game, you want to follow this path. Whenever you cross a marker, a ball will bounce over the board, and knock down one of the dolls. The order will be 3-6-12 (numbering the dolls from left to right, and top to bottom). When you complete the Video Game (if you can't, don't worry because I just gave you the information that the Video Game would provide), you will be shown a picture of Coney Island (it's a hint). Now run to Prospect Park and enter. The game will go on automatic until you are standing in front of the bathrooms. Your suspect used the LADIES room; so, you must, too. Go in and sit down in the third stall (point right at the seat). Moving the pointer now will display a hand icon on the Flushing Handle. The movement when you flush is vaguely familiar (remember the bartender?), so flush twice more. You've just flushed yourself down the drain (into the Sewers). To find your way out, you can either explore (and map), or just use the disguised map that was supplied. Yes, that video game diagram is also the Sewer map. Use that map to walk though the Sewers (like you did with the game), but take any side passages you need to, so that you hit every one of those markers. When you get to a marker in the Sewer, you will find that it is a KEYCARD. Pick it up and continue. You will eventually get to a dock (and should have 12 keycards). If you look closely at the dock, you will see something flickering. Move the pointer until it becomes the Magnifying Glass icon to see that it's a medallion with a Barred Circle (the international symbol for "No") around an Orb (this is obviously the sign of the Anti-Orb Underground). Take it. If you go out the cave entrance, you will see Coney Island (remember the Video Game?), so go there. The only location you can go to is the Games Midway; do so. There are three games: Dart Throw, Ball Toss, and Ring Toss. You want the Ball Toss (to knock down Kewpie Dolls). Before you throw the first ball, SAVE. Throw and try to hit the third doll (top row, second from the right). If you miss the correct target, restart from the SAVE; otherwise, SAVE with one doll down. Your second target is the sixth doll (row 2, second from the left). Your third target is the twelfth doll (bottom row on the right). Save after the third ball. Now get your prize. He is giving you an odd look. Was it an accident that you knocked down those three dolls in that order, or did you know which dolls to knock down? If you ignore him, you will get a stuffed orb charm as a prize. Restore from the SAVE, and respond to the odd look by using the Medallion. Bingo! He takes you for a Resistance Member, and gives you a DATACARD. The game will open your MAD and use the DATACARD to get a message. Looks like there is something being planned for a "Lady," and "Phil" is bad news. You will now get an "ORB OVERRIDE" (you have had enough time to do your mission); so, give them a name (Reno Davis will do). There does not seem to be any checking of the names you enter in these sequences, but one is needed. You are ordered back to your room. You have done well for your first day on the job. MANHUNTER: NEW YORK Part 3 DAY 2: GRAND CENTRAL STATION, DISCO, FOOD STORE, CENTRAL PARK, OSBORNE APARTMENT, MUSEUM Day 2 begins the same as Day 1, except this time the crime is an unauthorized entry to Grand Central Station (GCS), and the theft of a maintenance robot. Your tracker will show that there were three people this time. Track number 1, and it will go to a Disco (after leaving GCS). If you replay the sequence, you will be able to switch to suspects 2 and 3 (see instruction card for details). The best way to do this is to get the pointer to GCS, and switch as the traces go past, either before or after their break-in. Do this for the second and third blips. They will travel to the Museum of Natural History. One will enter and travel though the Museum, while the other will go to a food store, wait at the southwest end of the store (remember this), meet someone (note that this person's signal is VERY distinctive -- it will not only come in handy, but is a subtle hint about this person's status with the Orbs), and travel to (and in) Central Park (CP). Let's work on the First Blip's movements now. Go to GCS. Use the pointer to get a close-up. We see a worker fixing a panel over a window and an Orb. There is nothing more here (right now), so leave it (like the Hospital and Church) for later. Next stop: The Disco. The guard will not let you through, so point to the left (into the Alley). Uh-oh, muggers! We will have to get past them (via an arcade sequence). The process is very simple. You have three options: Duck, Jump, and Punch. There will be four muggers. The first three will be throwing weapons at you (more about the fourth one later). The weapons will be traveling from the Mugger towards you in a stream. All you need to do is Jump over the lows, and Duck under the highs. (Make a wrong move or get your timing wrong, and you die and get returned to the start of that mugger. After you get past one, you will not need to redo him.) Ducking keeps you in place, while Jumping will advance you towards the Mugger. The ratio of lows to highs (i.e., the opportunities to advance) seems to decrease from Mugger 1 to 3 (but do not hold me to this), so they get harder. When you get close enough, you use the Punch to knock him out. Watch out at this point! Too near, and you will be killed; too far away, you will be killed. You may want to try to SAVE during this sequence so you won't need to cross the full screen after getting part way across. After you get past Mugger 3, the difficulty goes up. Number 4 is using a gun. The process is the same, but you must make your move before he fires (no watching the approaching weapons and reacting to them). When he draws, he will either hold the gun over his shoulder, or at his waist; shoulder is high and Waist is low. Just watch him, and enter the correct counter-move (Duck or Jump). The shot will come after a variable amount of time, or will be triggered by your command. An automatic shot will kill you, so enter your command as soon as he draws. When you get close enough, Punch him. Unlike the others, you will not connect (unless you get killed), but instead, you'll be thrown though a window into the Disco. Wait until the screen stops moving and SAVE. Use your Pointer/Magnifying Glass to locate a RED Robe (may be Brown), and go for a close-up. If you get a Blond Woman, you've got the correct suspect. If not, you will need to restore and retry. In any event, you are going to get punched out, and the bouncer will come and kick you out. If you get the Blond, you will see something fluttering to the ground. Use the pointer to point at this object (the pointer will then become the Pickup Hand icon), and get the object (a 13th Keycard) before the end of the sequence. You will be kicked out, but you got what you came for. Your next task is to follow the suspect who went to Central Park. First go to the Food Store and look at the Bulletin Board on the southwest wall. There is a message here signed HARVEY. (Note the signature for future reference.) Go to Central Park (for the most frustrating arcade sequence of the game). CP has been turned into a Mine Field (read that sign on the screen), but if you watch this sequence on MAD, you will see that it can be threaded. The important move is the initial direction that the blips move in (each move will generally be one screen in this sequence). First do two things: Run MAD in tracer mode until you get to the entrance of Central Park, and SAVE. I will give you the first move. Point your arrow at the lower right edge of the screen, and move it upward for three beeps (i.e., the arrow will move this many times). You will be pointing between two close-set trees (the front tree will be fully visible). Now move. If you did this correctly, you will now be on a new screen; otherwise, you will see yourself walking into a clearing and getting blown up. Unless you make the correct move on each screen, this sequence will become very familiar. If you made it, pull up the MAD's display, and play it to get your next move. The images on the screen will match the images on the MAD TRACER display. Just point in the direction of that first move, and you'll be okay. Save after each successful move. WARNING: When you get to the screen that shows a Street Sign, you will notice that the MAD display shows the tracers moving off to the right, doing some circling, and RETURNING to the original location. This is where the game gets a little tricky. Make the move to the right, and you will see a new screen. Look at MAD again, and see where the move is made just prior to the circling. This is near some bushes; on your screen, it will be in the upper left area. Save as usual and then go to those bushes. You will find a Crowbar that you should get. Then, just let the arrow (which should be pointing DOWN) take you back to the Street Sign. Now follow MAD again to the TOP of your screen. You will eventually be lead to a body. Look at the body, and you will see a "P" on the forehead. In true mystery style, the victim attempted to write in his own blood a clue to the killer's identity. As is usual, he died before finishing. He got out "COO" and a partial letter that started with a down slash, like K, D, L, B, etc. Since that "P" and the warning on the datacard about "PHIL" seem to relate, use MAD to check out PHIL "COO?" You hit the jackpot with "K" (COOK). His address is the Empire State Building [ESB] (no need to know this; the game will tell you when you get there), and he is a Civil Servant (interesting). Look around, and near the body you will find some litter. Look at it, and you will find a note to meet Anna, and a handkerchief marked "H. Osborne." That message at the Food Store was from Harvey; so, ask MAD about HARVEY OSBORNE and ANNA OSBORNE. Both are at the same address. If you go to the ESB at this time, you will find the Door locked. (I am not totally sure of this. The opening of the door is triggered by you having completed some actions. Since this is a Day 3 item, just ignore it for now, even if the door is open. Your actions will be given in Day 3 for that sequence.) Now go to the Osbornes' Apartment. Inside on the wall to the right of the doorway is a button. Pressing it will open the panel, and a hanged body will be revealed. ("P" was at work again; if you do the close-up, you will see his "P".) Close the door, and look in the Shopping Bag. You find a Key; take it. Now go to the Museum. Go to the right (around the side), and use the Key to get in. At this point you can either follow MAD, or just use the MAP that came with the game. After you enter, go to the right and up the stairs. You will be at the end of a hallway with the stairs at your back and two doors to the sides. Turn left and SAVE. Use a Keycard on the Slot and just wait. You will see the hallway again, so point left and move. You will need to repeat this sequence (point, close-up, use Keycard, point, move) for each door you encounter. Follow the halls to the stairs and go up to the third floor. Go forward to the next set of stairs, take the right hand set, and go through the right door. You should now have two doors next to you (if there is only one, you took the left stairs; so, go forward and use the LEFT DOOR). Go forward two moves and take the RIGHT DOOR. Follow the halls going FORWARD at every intersection. You will run out of Keycards before the end, but do not worry. You will come to a door with a 2x4 beam locking it. SAVE, and use that Crowbar on the door. Oops! King Kong, Jr. seems to have been guarding the door, and he just killed you. You will be restarted by the game; this time use the Medallion (to show you are a Good Guy), and he will remove the 2x4 for you. Enter and you will see/hear an explosion in the next room. Go in. It looks like that Maintenance Robot just blew up. Look around (IGNORE the body for right now), and you will find a picture on the left wall that seems to be a drawing of a room, showing an arrow from the door to a table on the lower left side (remember this). Now you can look at the body; first note that TATTOO on the wrist. What does it remind you of? It looks like that Candle Stand at the Church. (Note the White/Lighted dots so you can reproduce the pattern with the candles in the Church.) Take the object near the body's hand (it is something called "Module A"), and then TRY to use Travel to get out. You will get an "ORB OVERRIDE" again and asked for names. Tell it "HARVEY OSBORNE," "ANNA OSBORNE," and (why not confuse them since he met/killed Harvey?) "PHIL COOK." You are now ordered back to your room, and it is the end of Day 2. MANHUNTER: NEW YORK Part 4 DAY 3: CHURCH, CEMETERY, THEATER, PAWN SHOP, JONES APARTMENT, EMPIRE STATE BUILDING The crime this time is the Assassination of an Orb. The track is from a Cemetery, to a Theater in Times Square, to a Pawn Shop. Before we start tracking the suspect, let's clean up a pending problem: Trinity Church. At the Church, light the candles that match the tattoo from the body at the Museum. (You did mark them down, didn't you? If not, save here, then restore to the save at the 2x4, just before King Kong, Jr.; then rerun the sequence, copy down the Tattoo, and restore this save.) Lighting the correct candles will open the door over the candles. Get "Module B" from there and look at the patterns on the inside of the door: a Star and an "L" shape. Blow out the candles, and the door will close, revealing a third pattern: a Cross. Now back to our tracking. First stop: The Cemetery. Enter the Cemetery, and you will see the Orb on a spike in front of a grave. Read the grave marker: oh, a young boy who died saving his father from the Orbs. If you interpret this picture as a symbolic "I killed this Orb for you, Son," you read it correctly. We now know (okay, we _assume_ we know!) that the Orb's killer is "Father" Jones. Next stop: the Theater. Enter and go to the right. Inspect the painting to the far wall on the left (as the Blip did). Ah, the old "Hidden-Safe-Behind-the-Painting" routine. We have no safe combination (right now), so let's look around. If you look at the pictures on the right side of the far wall, you will find that there are two of a young boy. The Dates/Ages given match those on the grave marker, so we can safely consider that he is the boy in the grave, and this is his father's Office. Now go to the Pawn Shop. Enter and look at the Badge Board the owner is showing you. SAVE, then point at the Triangle Badge. Looks like picking the wrong badge is dangerous (you can lose you head!). Restore, and this time, point at the Star, the Cross, and the "L"-shaped Badges. (The clues in the Church, remember?) Now, instead of you losing your head, you take a one-way trip through a Trap Door (you gave the correct "high sign" for _this_ member of the Resistance). Look around and you will see a Door, a Sign over the Door, and a Painting. The Sign tells you to look at the Painting and find the hidden number. To see what happens if you are wrong, enter "42" on the keys. The "4" will be accepted (a good sign), but the "2" will drop that rock on your head (a bad sign). If you look closely, you will see that the Tree's Shadows form a "41," so enter that, and you go through the door. You are now in another room (no sign this time). The code this time is 1031. (Do I have to tell you that it is a Halloween Picture? [i.e., OCT 31 = 10/31].) Another room, another picture. The hidden number is 264 (and it is shown as a 3 with an arrow pointing left (BEFORE 3 [2]), 3+3= [6], and 3 with a right arrow [4]). One last picture: 425 (3 twigs, with 4, 2, and 5 branches). Now you find another dead body. Look at this one, and you will see that "P" again. Also, look at the left (your right) side of the Hood and you will see HARRY. (Sneaky aren't they? A hidden clue). Go around the bend and you will catch the killer, Phil, trying to make his getaway! Watch out for him. He is going to jump down (as you approach), pull a knife, and attempt to kill you. Since you made it through the Back Alley at the Disco, you should know the routine by now. This time, however, it is close-in fighting. You Duck his High Thrusts, Jump over his Low Thrusts, and (while he is not attacking) try to punch him out. Even if you get a good blow in, he might just jump/duck and avoid it (getting only one in may not be enough). Eventually, you will score on him, and he'll drop a piece of paper and escape. Pick up the paper and MAD will note its contents. It's a string of numbers, so if you guess that it is the Combination to the Safe at the Theater, you are correct! Climb the ladder, and you will find yourself outside the ESB (ignore it for now). Ask MAD about HARRY JONES, and you will get an address (and get confirmation that the Theater was his). Go to the Jones Apartment, and you will notice that the layout matches the floorplan in the Museum. Follow the map and go to the Radio. Turn it on and listen to the music. Nothing much, but there must have been _some_ reason for that map! Use the crowbar on the Radio, and you will find the reason: "MODULE C" is hidden inside! Go to the Theater and open the Safe (MAD has the Combination if you need it). Quickly get the Paper inside. Read the Paper (MAD will make a copy), and you will find that it is made up of U's and C's (UCUCC). Go to the ESB and enter. This must be Phil's office. The only thing of interest is that Computer Terminal, so turn it on. Looks like it wants a PASSWORD. Try that U+C string from the Safe. Holy Hacker, Batman! It worked! Do a SAVE right now. You can now experiment with each setting. You will now discover what is going on, and that the Orbs have four main areas secured (ESB, GCS, Bellevue, and the Statue of Liberty). As you experiment with the settings, you will trip the SECURITY SCAN at the ESB and get killed. (That is what that SAVE was for.) Before leaving, make the following settings: ESB: Leave Transmitter OFF but the Signal Tracker ON (leave the security scan at its original setting). GCS: (no setting but note that the Repairs are now Complete). Liberty Island: Leave Guard on GROUND Patrol (you will see why on Day 4. You do _not_ want the Ground-to-Air Defenses activated). Hospital: Set the Door Robot on Roving Patrol. (Remember on Day 1, I said we would take care of him. We just did, and we can go through that Door now!) Set the other Guard on ORB protection. He should be there now. In the other setting, he will be left Guarding a Room that we will need to get into on Day 4. Now you can close down the terminal and try to exit the room. You will get a snide remark about doing a SAVE (do so if you want, but you have the correct settings right now), and then an "ORB OVERRIDE." Tell them "HARRY JONES," and go home for a good night's rest. You're going to need it: Tomorrow's going to be a _big_ day. MANHUNTER: NEW YORK Part 5 DAY 4: HOSPITAL, GRAND CENTRAL STATION, MAZE OF TUNNELS, SKIES OF NEW YORK, SUCCESS (?) Your mission today is to find out who "hacked" their way into the Orbs' Main Computer. When you use MAD to do the tracking, you will be shown a diagram of some of the Computer Equipment. You will see a message entering the computer. The "Signal Tracker" will then be activated. All you need to do is use your pointer to flag the correct signal (like you did with the blips on Day 2), so the Tracer can trace it. Once you get the correct signal, you will find that it came from an office in the ESB. The trace will then follow the "Intruder" to an Apartment Building on Fifth Avenue. If you smell something rotten in Denmark, you're right. Your task today is to track down _yourself_. As if that were not enough, the Orb mentioned in passing that you were being transferred to Chicago (you know what that means -- remember Reno Davis on Day 1?) after this assignment. Your neck, and more importantly, your body and your life, are now on the line. Like it or not, you are now a member of the Resistance and may be Earth's only hope (melodramatic, aren't I?)! Okay, let's go and save Earth! First stop: The Hospital. Enter as you did on Day 1. That door in the back is now clear (you set the robot on Hall Patrol, remember?). Go through it and explore. Rats! You just ran into an Orb, who called the Hall Robot, which is now chasing you. Don't panic! (Sorry, I just remembered we're not playing HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.) Make that: Don't worry or _want_ to be captured! You will be thrown into a locked room. Look at those bones. Looks like you are not the first to get stuck in here. Climb the Pile of Bones, and look through the Grating. It appears that machine is slicing and dicing bodies to make ORB CHOW. If you wait, the machine will be turned off, the ORB CHOW container will be escorted by the Orb, and (since you set the robot's orders to guard the Orb) the robot will leave the room with the Orb (leaving the room unguarded). This looks like your chance. Use the Crowbar on the Grating and enter the room. Examine the machine, and you will find "MODULE D." Turn on the machine with the Conveyer Belt going to the LEFT (i.e., into the wall), and climb onto it. You now have to perform the task of getting to that window in the upper left (though that yellow bar). All you need to do is weave your way up, down, right, and left. Movement is via the Arrow Keys. You climb up and down the bars, and move from side to side to adjacent bars. The Horizontal Bars block your path (touch them and you fall off and must restart). There is one more danger. After you start, Acid (or something) will start to drip down the bars at random. Get touched by it, and you will also fall off. Before you start, trace your route. You will see that you can get there by following a path of sections of adjacent bars. To get from one segment to the next, you go up (or down) a long bar that connects the one segment to the next. Save periodically, and restart from the save when needed. To avoid the Acid, just swing to an adjacent bar. (If you remember DONKEY KONG, there was a sequence like this in one of the games in that series). After you take the plunge from the top floor of the Hospital and shake yourself off, go to GCS. Use the Crowbar on that Plate and enter. Look at that: an Orb Spaceship! Enter it. Let's look at that Control Panel. Those four slots look interesting. Use each of the four Modules, and the Controls will power up. Now, if we only knew what controls to use. Move the Pointer around, and you will locate the controls. There seems to be only one (upper left), so activate it (the controls and the ship power up), then look for controls again. This time you will find five (potential) controls. SAVE at this point. Activate the Control in the upper right. You will then get a view from outside the ship. Uh-oh, here come some Guard Robots! They blast you though the open door. Looks like that was the wrong control to try first. This time use the one in the lower center. You will again get that scene, but let it run. This time, the ladder closes before they get there, and the robots can't get at you (they just get mad about failing to protect the ship). Activate the lower right control, and the Exit Door will open. Then use the lower left control, and the ship will take off. Maneuver it through the exit. You are now in a maze of tunnels under Manhattan and Brooklyn. You must find your way to the exit. I will leave _finding_ it to you, except to tell you that your first move should be to go DOWN, and the exit is a few screens to the right. All the Tunnels, except for the exit, will be dead ends. When you get to the screen with the exit, you will find that it is in Prospect Park; in exiting, you will destroy the Sewer and the Rest Rooms. As soon as you exit, the game will go on automatic, show you coming out of the ground and flying off. The game takes you on a sidetrip ("Meanwhile, in another part of the City...") to show Phil enter _his_ Spaceship to intercept you, and then returns control to you in the Orb's spaceship. Now is the time for that upper RIGHT hand control (it arms the four bombs, and activates the Bomb Sight). Now use the upper center control under the View Screen (to Activate it), point at the Screen (to get a close-up), and SAVE (you will need this if you blow your bomb run at Liberty Island). You will be flying over Brooklyn. Practice flying on this screen and the one to the LEFT (NY Bay). Do _not_ go to the upper left of the Screen (over the Bridges), or you will end up in Lower Manhattan (you do _not_ want to go there yet). Once you are happy with your flying, then enter NY Bay. In the lower left corner of the NY Bay screen is Liberty Island. IGNORE the Island in the center with the Star on it -- that is Governors Island and _not_ your target. Make your bomb run and drop a bomb when you are over Liberty Island. This will be a little hard, since the game will not let you get too close to the lower left. Since you left the Guards on Ground Patrol, you will _not_ run into any Anti-Spaceship Defenses as you make your run (aren't you glad I had you leave the Defenses turned off?). If you score a hit, you will be shown a picture of the bombed island (now SAVE). If you miss, restore and try again (you have four targets and four bombs: Don't waste them). Now you are ready for the three targets on Manhattan Island. After you enter the airspace over Manhattan, Phil will find you. If you had gone there before attacking Liberty Island, he would have tracked you, and you would have had him to contend with during your bomb run (this way you are 1/4 done before having to worry about him). There is no way to eliminate him. The only thing you can do is out-fly him, while at the same time doing your bomb runs. Even though he can attack you by causing you to crash, you have one advantage over him: If you leave a screen, you will have about 10 to 15 seconds before he shows up again. Use this wisely. You will find that you can duck out from a screen where a target is, wait for him to appear, RETURN to the target's screen, and make your bomb run before he re-appears. After each successful bomb run, SAVE. If you get killed or miss a target, restore! (Simple, isn't it?) There is one "gotcha," however. There is a bug in some (all?) of the games that will cause it to ignore a direct hit if you leave the screen after making the drop, but before the bomb lands (and destroys the target). Your targets will _not_ be shown in any way, so make sure you know where they are before you get to this point. The Hospital and GCS should be easy to spot and destroy; a hit is scored by dropping anywhere on them). The ESB will be harder to spot/hit, so go for it first, or last, or in the middle for that matter -- hit any target you can. After your fourth successful bomb run, you will automatically land, and get a small parade from the Resistance (you will be lifted on their shoulders and cheered). Unfortunately, Phil (remember him?) was not invited, so he decides to crash the party. He flies overhead in his spaceship, fires a ray at everyone, then flies off. You are suddenly back on the ground (the crowd and the people carrying you are now just ashes), so you calmly walk back into your ship and take off. You see a skyline of New York (just like in the opening credits). Suddenly a Spaceship flies up and off the screen, closely pursued by another ship. You get a "TO BE CONTINUED," followed by a "THE END" logo. (I warned you about this with my "SUCCESS (?)" heading.) MANHUNTER: NEW YORK is published and distributed by Sierra On-Line. This walkthru is coypright (c) 1989 by Robert Rosenberg. All rights reserved.