INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE: THE GRAPHIC ADVENTURE In this graphic adventure, you become the swash-buckling archaeologist, Indiana Jones, in his search for the Holy Grail. You must travel from your school in New York to Venice and search misty Roman catacombs; then, to Brunwald Castle on thethe Austrian-German border, where your long-lost father, who was recently kidnapped, awaits your rescue! If you play your cards correctly, you will soon find yourself in Berlin. From Berlin, you must catch a Zeppelin flight to Iskanderun, where the Holy Grail is located.... Please note: This walkthru contains all the information to solve this game. However, there are hundereds of multiple solutions that you might come across as you play. If you find yourself in a different situation, it does not necessarily mean you did something wrong. Another problem with writing a walkthru for this game is the randomness factor. Many rooms, objects, and locations change from game to game. I have done my best to "generalize" the random elements. ABOUT THE COMMANDS There are certain things you should know before reading this walkthru. When I mention WALKING to someplace, it means you should use the WALK TO command. Also, remember that the words GET, PICKUP, TAKE, and GRAB all refer to clicking on the PICK UP command. Although most things you'll read herein contain the EXACT commands and moves, some will use synonyms and phrases. BEFORE YOU START It may be a good idea to explore the game on your own before using this walkthru. If you're ever puzzled by anything mentioned in this article, it would help if you explored the area on your own, then returned to the walkthru. This way, you'll have a general idea of the settings and puzzles. BARNETT COLLEGE, 1938 You have just retuned to your school after recovering the Cross of Coronado. Marcus Brody, your good friend, meets you in the hallway. He gives you a nice warm welcome, then asks you for some "translations" he gave you. You open up your note book and give them to him. Marcus says thanks, then continues to take inventory on some valuble artifacts. The first thing you must do is go to the school's locker room (where you can change out of your damp clothes). When you exit, you'll automatically be wearing a nice suit. After taking a quick look at the gym, return to the locker room. This time, when you exit the room, you will be wearing a nifty boxing suit. You will automatically enter the school boxing ring and converse with the muscular coach. You will be given three options of what to say to the coach. If you want a rather easy fight, choose TAKE IT EASY ON ME from the menu of replies. If you want a moderate fight, select the next reply. And if you want to be ready for the real world of adventure, select the phrase GIVE ME ALL YOU GOT. After you can easily defeat the coach, tell the him you can't fight anymore, and maybe next time. You will walk back into the locker room and put your suit back on. Now, walk into your outer office (it is located up and tot he left of the gym). You will notice the room is filled with angry students. Tell them you are sure you can work something out. Then, allow them to relax. Next, you should tell your kind secretary, Irene, to take all the kids names down on a list, and that you will see everyone in order. Because of your charming remarks, the students will allow you to pass. You should now be in your quiet, private office. Walk over to your cluttered desk and keep picking up all the objects on it until you see a package. Pick up the package and open it. As you know, you can't leave the way you came in, so you should walk over to the window on the right and open it. Now, climb outside. When you get outside, two men will greet you. Don't worry, you should go with them. They will take you to New York City, where Donovan, a wealty art collector, will explain the Grail story to you. (If you would like to skip this entire scene, you can push ESC or the right mouse button.) After the speech, you will be returned to the front of your school. Upon arriving at Barnett, you should go to your father's house (click TRAVEL, then select HENRY'S HOUSE). When you get there, you will notice the entire room has been ransacked! Something awful has happend to your father and you want to know what! Run into the small bedroom of the house and take the picture of a cup off the north wall. Now, go to the bookcase nearest the bedroom and pull it down. (Hey, the house is already a mess.) You should see a small piece of tape on the back of the case. Pick it up. At this time, you return to your loving students back at the college. Climb back into your room window and walk to the shelves on the left of it. Open the jar of solvent (use WHAT IS to locate it on the shelf). Now, place the sticky tape you found in your dad's home into the liquid. Again, you should avoid the annoying children and climb out the window! Now you can travel to your father's home again. When you arrive, you should walk to the table with the plant on top (to the left of the door). Pick up the plant and put it on the floor. Next, pick up the tablecloth and examine the chest below it. Use the small key that was in the tape to open the chest. Look inside it and get the old book. Now you are ready to TRAVEL to Venice and search for the second marker Donovan mentioned! AH, VENICE! Welcome to Venice! The first thing you should do in Venice is go to the library. When you are there, you should search for three books: "Mein Kampf," "How to Fly a Biplane," and "Secrets of the Roman Catacombs." (Use the WHAT IS command to scan all the books.) Now that you have obtained the three objects, look in the Grail Diary. The Grail Diary will show a picture of a stained-glass window. Walk to the same window in the library. (Make sure to get the red cordon and metal post before going to the next step.) Now, read the Grail Diary one more time. Note the statement that is shown. (It will say something like "The First on the Left.") The diary is referring to the inscriptions on the pillars behind you. If the dairy mentions LEFT, go to the left pillar; if it mentions RIGHT, walk to the inscription on the right pillar. Now look at the inscription. There will be three Roman numerals on the inscription. If your Grail Diary said FIRST, note the first Roman numeral. If the dairy said SECOND, remember the second Roman numeral. And, if the Grail Diary said THIRD, then remember the third number. Now, walk over to the slab on the floor that has the same Roman numeral as the one you just figured out. ROMAN CATACOMBS Use the metal post with the slab. You should be in a room with three exits. (If not, climb back up and redo the last step.) Take this time to look at the Roman Catacomb book. You will notice there are maps above and below the wording. (You will know where you are on the map after walking around for a few minutes.) Exit through one of the doors and walk until you come across a room with two skeletons on the east wall. Look at the skeleton on the right. Now, get the hook on his arm. Keep walking around to the east until you enter a sewer room with a manhole cover. (You should have passed a room with a torch and a room with a slab on the ground.) Climb through the manhole cover. Walk over to the two people called "lovers" (they are on your left) and look at the wine bottle on the table. Take the wine. You should go back in the manhole now. (Note: You may want to fill the wine bottle it the fountain. If you do, you can skip the next sentence.) When you are back in the catacombs, walk to the board that is filled with water and fill the bottle. Next, go to the screen with the torch on the wall. Use the wine bottle with the torch and you will loosen the hard, dry mud. Pull the torch and hang on! When you land, the wine bottle will break. Walk to the east. You should come across a room with a cork and dripping water. Go one more screen to the east and read the inscriptions on the wall. (Write them down; they will help later in the game.) Now, walk out and use the hook in the cork. Next, use your trusty whip with the hook. At this time, climb up the ladder and return to the screen where you filled your bottle. Walk to the door on the right. You will find a strange machine in one of the rooms. Use the red cordon to "fix" the machine. Then turn on the machine by using the wheel on the right. Again, explore the area until you run into a room with three gold statues near a door. Look at your dad's Grail Diary and read what it tells you. Push the statues until they are in the correct order (and the door will automatically open for you). Walk in the door. Soon, you will see a narrow stone bridge. (This bridge will be up if you did not turn on the machine.) Cross the bridge and enter the tunnel on the other side of it. After walking around the catacombs some more, you should find a room with a bunch of skulls on a "table." When you do, look at the Grail Diary. In order to open the door, you must push the skulls in the correct order. (The door will open a small amount if you perform this in the wrong sequence.) Each skull is a different note from your father's diary. (Remember that you are Indy, and his left is your RIGHT.) Walk in the door and down the flight of stone steps. You will eventually find the room with the knight's casket. Open the casket and look at it. Now, walk to the grating on the right of the screen and pull the rusty lock that is hanging on it. Climb out out the manhole cover, again. Now, it is off to Brunwald Castle where you must find your long-lost father! BRUNWALD CASTLE (THE GERMAN BORDER) Enter the Castle and tell the butler that your are Lord Robert McFalfa, and you are here to inspect the tapestries. Then, ask him: THIS CASTLE DO HAE TAPESTRIES, DO YE NOT? Then, you knock him out. (There are other possible solutions at this point.) Walk off the screen to the right. Now, go down and into the storage room. Get the servant uniform. When you exit, there will be a guard outside. Tell him you are here to talk with the prisoner. Then, tell him you are Dietrich's successor. Finally, tell him he is leaking information. Now go to the north. Tell the Nazi near the steps that you are selling jackets and you obtained authorization. Then, sell him the jacket for 15 Marks. Walk up the steps and find a room with a chest in it. Open the chest and get the 50 Marks. Wear the servant uniform and talk to the first Nazi guard on the second floor. Give the guard your painting. Walk to the east and go in another room with a small chest. Look inside the chest and get the uniform. Look at the uniform. Continue down the hall. You will run into another Nazi guard. This time you must avoid him or fight. (If you do fight, don't worry; there is a first aid kit in a room to the south.) After fighting, return to the castle entrance. (Remember to put your IndyWear on before going to the first floor.) Walk to the hall and locate a room with a drunk Nazi. Allow him to give you the empty stein. Now, go to the kitchen (a room near where you are currently located). Fill the stein with the spigot (or keg). Walk to the hot coals on the roast boar. Pour the ale on the hot coals. When the hot steam clears, take the roast boar with you. Now, refill the stein and return to the storage room. In the storage room you should use the key you found in the uniform with the clothes lock. Get the grey uniform. Now, walk to the third floor. Wear the grey uniform and talk to the Nazi guard on the third floor. Keep insulting him until he lets you pass. Walk into the room of the head Nazi, Vogel (one of the first doors on the third floor). Give the roast boar to the dog. Next open the drawer and get the pass. Before you go, take the trophy. Before doing anything else, go back to the kitchen and fill the trophy with what's in the stein and go to the second floor. On the second floor, find the alarm room and enter it. Give the Nazi guard "Mein Kampf." Now walk to the security system and use the stein with the grating. Leave the room and go to the art room. (It is near the place where you gave the guard your painting.) Walk to the giant paint-by-number Mona Lisa and push it. Open the safe. Take a good look at the picture in the safe. (It may help you choose the correct Grail.) Now, return to the third floor. Walk up to Biff the Nazi and offer him the trophy (which is now full of ale). Give him one good punch and pat yourself on the back. Search all of the rooms on the third floor until you locate one with a blue couch and candelabra. (It should be a room on the right side of the floor.) Walk to the candelabra and get the silver key hanging on it. Now, find a room with an alarm system on it (there are wires on top). Unlock the door with your silver key and enter the room. (If the room has a cabinet in it, open it and get the 75 Marks. If not, look in the room to the right or left.) Leave the room and Vogel will capture you. Give him the _real_ Grail Diary. When you are tied up, you can move by PUSHing or PULLing the chairs you are tied on. Keep pushing the chairs until you are under the blade of the suit of armor. When you think you are lined up properly, push the suit and hope the axe cuts the ropes...not you. Get up and push the left statue on the fireplace. Now, walk out the fireplace. You should be outside. Walk over to the motorcycle (with the sidecar) and get in. BERLIN Almost all of Berlin is automatic. However, you must give Hitler your unsigned pass when you "bump into" him. AIRPORT When you enter the airport, you will soon realize you don't have the the funds to ride a Zeppelin. To overcome this, you should have Henry walk over to the man in the airport and ask him about his children while Indy steals the tickets in his pocket. Leave the airport and board the Zep. (Note: If you want to skip this part, you can board the biplane at this point. To fly the biplane, read the manual. You can also skip the Zeppelin section.) ZEPPELIN Give the tickets to the man. Now, have Henry walk over to the piano player, while Indy waits by the locked door (near the entrance). Let Henry give the coins to the piano player. When the music starts and the Nazi comes out of the room, have Indy walk inside, open the locker, and steal the wrench. Quickly, walk out of the room. Now, use the wrench in the hole (near the locked door) and turn the wrench. Climb up the ladder. (You may want to save the game before you continue.) You will appear on the Zeppelin catwalks. Keep walking until you arrive at the biplane under the Zeppelin. (This section takes practice.) After flying in the biplane, you _will_ get shot down. When you land, you will be on a farm. Walk over to the car on your left and use it. For the border guards, show them the pass you had signed by Hitler. You are now on your way to Iskanderun, where the final resting place of the Holy Grail is located! THE GRAIL TEMPLE When you enter the Grail temple, you will be unable to save or load the game. Be sure to save it before you enter. THE FIRST CHALLENGE: ONLY THE PENTINENT MAN WILL PASS To get past the first challenge, look in your _real_ Grail Diary (the one that came in the game) and find the picture with the "X" in it. Click the cursor on the same place as the "X" in the game. THE SECOND CHALLENGE: THE FOOTSTEPS OF GOD Look at the top of the screen and note the way GOD is spelled. You can only walk on the letters that appear in the word. For example, if you see JEHOBA on the screen you can walk on J, E, H, O, B, and A. THE THIRD CHALLENGE: LEAP FROM THE LION'S HEAD You must click on a certain point on the opposite side of the giant chasm. Experiment until you find a place that works for you. THE KNIGHT AND THE GRAIL When you have made it to the knight, it is time to choose a Grail. Use the information from earlier in the game to pick the correct one. When you choose the Grail you think is the _real_ one, bring it over to the holy water and fill it. After you have saved your father, you can do a few things. First, you can get the Grail and give it back to the knight. Second, you can let Elsa take the Grail, then get the Grail and return it to the knight. Or, you can take the Grail and try to leave. The first choice is the best of the three. Congratulations on solving INDY! FIGHTING HINTS Each person can develop a good way to fight. I have found a method that seems to work quite often: Push a punch button very quickly (about four times), then back up two times. Keep repeating this procedure until the Nazi is dead.