ELVIRA II - Jaws of Cerberus Walkthrough Only check with this file if you are completely stumped, need some extra clues or just want to see the great graphics. Start of game- Outside gates. Over by the billboard, get the shamrock (yes there really is one there). Its the first move and you can't complete the game without it. Turn around. To the left of the walk, pick up the rock. (they sure don't make the start very easy , do they?). Got to the guard's house on the right of the screen. Throw the rock through the window and enter. Take the guard's uniform (it's really a protective vest). get keys from guards uniform. Press button on computer terminal to see which of the movie studio's contains the ending. (not necessary to do but the graphics are nice. Take all the papers from the bulletin board especially the pin-up calendar. Well you really don't need the calendar but why not look over a pin-up/ Wear the guard's jacket. Enter security code to open studio gates (if you have a cracked version, does not matter what you enter. Exit the hut and go through open gate to the parking lot. Look at Elvira's car. Open the trunk by clicking on the lock. Open the case in the truck and get the wire cutters and wrench. Turn to the left and enter through the doors into the studio. In the lobby you can look around at everything including the notebook for Elvira. With that set of boobs, don't know how the girl ever learned to type. Checking things out adds to your experience points even if you don't need the items. Go to the elevators to the right of the double doors and push the enter the code for the elevator (you do have the revised version of the game with the new set of codes don't you?). Enter elevator, turn around, and push the button for the second floor. Get off, turn right, right again and enter the first door on the right of the corridor. This is the computer room. Grab the book on the far side. The next room on the right is for makeup. Get the mirror from the wastebasket on the left side. Get the makeup case at the second mirror from the left. Exit the room and go to the next room on the right side of the corridor. This is the dressing room. Take the nail file, newspaper and tissues, towel, popcorn, three cans of hair spray, the silver clover charm, curling iron and makeup case. The door at the extreme end of the corridor is the typing pool. Take the disk from the box of floppies and the boom box. Going back down the corridor, the next room on your right is the dressing room . Get the spirits and seltzer spritzer on the book shelf. Next room on right down the corridor is the costume dept. Pass this by for now as you don't have enough power points and spells to enter yet. The last room back down the corridor is the canteen. Get the cupcakes in the case and a can of soda. Go back to the elevator, enter and press B (basement). Exit the elevator and make two right turns. Move up to the Indian and you can start to talk to him. Ask him questions about where Elvira is and what you have to do. Just don't make any jokes about firewater or scalps if you ever want to talk to him again. Turn around and on the way back to the elevators, take the matches and clorox bottle from the janitors closet on the right. Go back up to the first floor and take the fire extinguisher from the wall. You can also enter the bathrooms and tinkle and wash your hands if you have to. It has nothing to do with the game, however. Your ready to start casting spells. You've got a lot of stuff and it weighs a lot. Spells weigh nothing. Cast the following spells: Protection - use the soda can Breath Underwater - three of them using the popcorn, gum (you had at the start) and the cupcakes Healing Hands Luck (remember that four-leaf clover) Ice Darts(several) Unseen shield Enter stage 2 elevator (the one with the big 2 on its entrance. When you enter the stage area, put down the wallet, computer disk, wrench, mirror, hair spray, towel and seltzer bottle. Turn left, go through the doors. You are now in the living room of the haunted house. Take the helmet and the left gauntlet from the suit of armor on the right. Don't put anything on just yet. Suits of armor guard the entrance door to the study. Enter and on the inside there a desk on the left. Open the drawers and take the prayer book and use it to mix an Unholy Barrier spell. also take the padlock. On right there is a fish tank with some piranhas. Don't touch. Go back to the living room and take the antique vase from the corner shelf. Turn it into a Detect Trap spell. The bucket next to the fireplace is used to cast another Protection spell. The door to the right of the fireplace leads to a library. (later you will go this way and get past the poltergeist by dropping kids toys from the bedroom upstairs. Go to the entry and go up the right side of the staircase. At the top make a right. Go left at the main hall and left again into the first doorway. You are inside the Nursery. Take the blacks. Go back downstairs to the living room. Stand 2 paces back from the library door and place a block on the floor. When the poltergeist goes for the toy, run past him into the library. You can't check any book out of the library but keep notes on any books that seem useful to you. You need these written clues later. Look carefully at what people use as bookmarks. Go through the living room, back to the entry and straight ahead to the door on the far wall. Add kids toys to your inventory as you pass through the entry. Turn the seltzer bottle into a Detect Trap spell. In the dining room, take all that you can. You should be hungry from now. Turn the wine into a Courage spell, glasses into detect rap spells. Stay way from the service window until you've taken everything. If you looked in, as we all do, you wound up in the meat locker freezing your patties off. Pull the boots off the biker. They are foot armour. Pick up the meat and cheese from the freezer shelf. Wine bottle are turned into another Courage spell and the bread becomes another Breathe Underwater spell. Leave behind your keys and pen (they will freeze and be used for another spell later. The door is locked automatically. Put on the boots, helmet, jacket and gauntlet. Get out your knife (its a weapon). Cast an Unseen Shield spell and a Luck spell. Build some more ice darts and save the game. Your getting ready for on tough mother. Now the fun begins. Use the curling iron to heat up the thermostat. When the alarm goes off a ghoul arrives. Fire the Ice Darts and back away. When he dies, go through the open door. Turn right, go downstairs and turn left at the bottom. Straight ahead is the Lab. Take the yellow flask, bleach, heart, skin, all test tubes you can find and the brain in the jar on the left wall. Turn the brain into a Turn Undead spell and go upstairs. The door on the right, across from the meat locker, leads into the Kitchen. (Food again). In the hallway between the Kitchen and the Entryway, fight the Zombie. Then go the to Kitchen and drop everything. Put on the armor, go into the hall way, turn left and Immediately case a Turn Undead spell. If you start to faint at the sight, try a Courage spell. Warning, its as bad as hearing Roseanne Arnold sing the star spangles banner. Make a Brainboost spell and the following spells: Revive - using cheese from the meat lockers and bleach from the basement Telekinesis - magnet from the boom box Glue - tube of adhesive in yellow tin on kitchen shelf Protection - use bucket Luck (use horseshoe in the bucket Several Fireballs - newspapers, tissue, calendar, postcard, papers from the security hut. Several Magic Missiles - using pots & pans, tins, knives Two more Detect Trap spells - using glass jar on the kitchen shelf Several More Ice Darts A few more Unseen Shields Two Healing Hands Keep the meat cleaver as a weapon. Don't use the wire cutters fro Magic Missiles (that's latter). Return to the entry and drop off any extra items in a junk pile, after cleaning out the kitchen. DO keep the crucifix. The pile should now include: Candelabra Place settings three cans of hairspray egg basket from kitchen all the lab stuff mirror gin and vodka bottles padlock computer book towel shank of meat from the freezer Go upstairs. The left staircase takes you to the bathroom door. inside, take the towel and sponge. Leave the bathroom, go right and go towards the main hall. Door right in front is the lavendar bedroom. Oh boy, now we're getting good. Enter the room. Put on the armor, beef up your magic muscles and pull down the sheet. Use ICE Darts to finish your enemy and pick up the script that falls. Pick up the pictures that fall on the floor. Look for the red button under the bed. Push it in and a secret room behind the bed opens up. Grab the chalice and the ten candles off the altar and leave the secret room Turn two lucky cats on the bedroom mantel into Luck spells. Leave the bedroom, turn right and stop before the second door on the right. Put on your armor, again, invoke a Courage spell and step inside. When you regain your consciousness (id faint too at the sight of Pew Wee Herman doing his thing with a raincoat)_, take the pillow and tuning fork off the bed. Across the hall is the nursery you saw earlier. Find your pile of junk you left behind, leave the pillow, towel, chalice and sponge on the pile. Go back to the studio offices and down to the basement. Don't bother the chief but get the fire extinguisher from the wall and the medicine bag off the back of the boiler room door. Just enter boiler room and turn around. Take the copper rod off the leg of the left boiler. You can get rid of the Yeti who attacks with a Fireball. Upstairs you need to get ready for the costume room. Put on the armor, take up the meat cleaver, cast and Unseen Shield and go berserk. You will dispatch the witch and turn her eyeball (yuck!) into a Fear Spell. The light switch is on the wall behind you. Get the wizard's robe, white lab coat and sword from sir Walter Raligh costume. Go across the hall to the makeup room. Check the six pictures found in the lavendar bedroom and find the one that looks like a sorcerer's apprentice. Working with the mirror, stuff in makeup case and wigs on the shelf, makeup your disguise to match the picture. Take off the disguise and place the pieces in your pocket for future use. Find the picture that looks like a lab assistant (very geeky). You want to look like that with an assist from the lab coat, wig on the lower shelf of the costume room and items from the makeup case (mustache, half glasses, eyebrows and false teeth). Once your look is in place, raid the other offices for paper supplies. Head towards studio 2 and while in the lobby pick up the fire extinguisher In the entryway of the haunted house add the wizard's disguise and the fire extinguisher to the junk pile. Turn down the hallway that runs left of the dining room and right into the kitchen. Turn left into the gringy hallway and left again down the stairs. Check out the disguise. Entry is on the right and enter the office on the right. Dr. Frankenstein is busy. You can offer to help him. Thus buttered up, he'll whip you up a batch of poison, which is what you need (make sure you have the poison formula you found in the library). Once you have the poison, leave. Back in the entryway, remove the costume and use poison on the shank of meat. Go to the study. Piranha in study will think it is a treat and you can retrieve the key from the bottom of the tank. The key opens a safe in the wall hidden behind the duck picture. Inside the safe is the chief's peace pipe. Go back upstairs, make a right at the main hallway upstairs and take the staircase to the far end of the attic. Immediately use the tuning fork. This causes the skylight to shatter and kill the vampire. Go back downstairs and stop in the first door on your left. Get the book of matches out of one of the tea chests. Move the ladder back up to the attic and use it to climb up onto the roof. Stick the copper rod you found in the basement onto the side of the chimney. Go back downstairs as the storm gathers. Studio 3. --------- You should be about level 6 magic by now. Leave behind all with your junk pile except for: weapons and armor spells test tubes precious metal items crucifix mirror keys and pen left in meat locker pillow hair sprays gin and vodka wizard suit and makeup Put on the armor and pick up the sword. Keep moving straight through studio 3. The bats are nasty but eventually you will enter the church. Turn the precious metal into magic armor and the religious articles on the altar to your right into Holy Blast spell. Take the prayer book from the pulpit (don't turn it into a spell -yet). Fill the test tubes with holy water from the font and use on of the filled vials along with the crucifix to cast a Bless spell. Make a supply of Ice Darts and Healing Hands before you close the prayer book. Drag the pulpit to the left. Check your armor and open the trap door below the pulpit. Create a Protection spell and head down. Dispatch the banshees and move the slab aside. At the bottom of the pit, you are in the catacombs. Catacombs --------- Almost every room has a trap When you get to level 8, launch a brainboost and mix spells for: Freezing Blade (pen and knife from meat locker) Illusion (mirror) Trueflight(pillow) Apply the Freezing Blade to the dagger on the second level. This along with the Bless spell makes the dagger into the ultimate weapon. At level 9 mix up some Cure Wounds spells and turn the hair spray cans and bottles of booze into Nova spells. Do not use Telekinesis, Buoyancy or Holy Blast spells in the catacombs and hold onto at least one Unholy Barrier. Elvira can be found along the far wall of level 6. Wait though. Although those jugs look luscious, it is only a doppelganger. I know this is hard to do but you have to slay her. Wipe that smile off your face. I said slay her, not lay her. If you don't she turns into an acid spitting cobra that takes all your fireballs. Take the war lance she is guarding. When you slash your way back up the catacombs and get to the top, watch out. There is a zombie behind you. Whirl around and throw up an Unholy Barrier spell to keep him away. Don't move. Don't touch him or try to hit him with a weapon. Lob Holy Blasts at him. When they run out, use Fireballs. If he's still there throw Ice Darts. Spider Caves ------------ Go back to your junk pile in the haunted house entryway. Patch your wounds and heal up by waiting a while. Then take: all your spells including Buoyancy and Telekineses as many weapon type spells as your qualified to make weapons and armor yellow liquid in flask nail file Head across the hall to studio one. The crystals you will find down in the spider caves can be turned into spells and the mushrooms have special properties. You will have to kill every single worm and maggot in the rooms before you can get to the goodies. When you first enter studio one, look for the elevator near the entrance and turn it on or you won't get out later. Turn crystals into spells as soon as you can turn edible mushrooms into Herbal Healing On level A of the spider caves - run Buoyancy and Breathe Underwater before entering the lake. At the bottom of the lake along with the water nymph is a discarded rope which you will need for the Bind Demon spell. On Level B is a small side cell. Inside is a giant scorpion guarding a binding scroll you need to defeat Cerberus. On level D you run into a director. Get the elevator key from will wallet with a Telekinesis spell. In the cavern on level D, you see a giant spider in her lair across the chasm. Fire an Ice Dart to get her attention. When she comes after you, lead her around to the elevator. Go straight through both elevator doors and close them behind you. Now she is trapped. Climb down her web and rescue Elvira. This time, Elvira turns into a giant wasp. You knew Elvira was a great piece of tail but ouch. Once the coast is clear, pick up the chief's tomahawk before heading out. To leave the caves use a vertical strand of web to swing down to level C. GO to the elevator, use the key from the director and ride down to level A to get out. In the haunted house, stop off in the entryway. Pull down the a barometer from the wall and turn it into a Summon Storm spell. Go to the roof of the house and invoke the storm. The surge fires up Frankie's apparatus. Go down to the basement. Keep the wire cutters handy. Use them to clip Frankie's head wires. Take the metal band, brain, scalp and heart. Don't be squeamish. You now have the brain, heart, scalp, eggs and prayer book for a Resurrect spell. Binding scroll and rope for Bind Demon spell 10 black candles magic bag tomahawk war lance chalice of blood matches Go back to the church through studio 3. Tell priest that we need help. He will draw a pentacle out in the parking lot by the studio entrance. Take all to the basement of the studio. Have the Indian chief bless the tomahawk, war lance and magic bag. Give him the peace pipe. Go to the parking lot and lay out the 10 black candles on the pentacle. Get ready with the tomahawk, war lance and magic bag so you can get them instantly. Click on the candles to light them and use the magic bag to summon Cerberus. Throw the Blind Demon spell to stop him. The instant the lightning dies down, throw the war lance at him. He may have seemed to blow up but he's just coughing fire. Throw the tomahawk at his heart. Don't be surprised if Elvira invites you into her bedroom to End.......... show her sincere appreciation.